That holiday feeling as told by Friends

Twenty five years ago, Friends was a brand spanking new show that graced our screens with the Pilot episode. Now, it’s still the show that we curl up with, hands wrapped around a warm mug, blanket strewn across the sofa. Joey’s infatuation with food, Monica’s obsessive cleanliness, Chandler’s sarcasm – whether you relate to one of the characters or all of them, here are some moments that we can all relate to in ‘the one where they go on holiday’…

Finding your dream holiday on

Waving goodbye to your colleagues like…

When you spot a Nando’s at the airport

Adjusting to the sunshine when you step off the plane

When someone pushes in front of you in the queue for the buffet

When someone asks if they can try something from your plate

When you’re two days in and the songs from the mini disco actually start to sound catchy

Forgetting to lie on your stomach to even out your tan

Taking full advantage of the All Inclusive drinks

First day back in the office when your colleagues ask if you’re glad to be back

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Written on 17th December 2019 by

Charlotte Rhodes

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