Tastes of Malta: Foods you have to try

Although perhaps a little lesser known in the UK, Maltese food is pretty tasty and we want to shout about it. First we brought you a local recipe, and now, we bring you 3 snacks you just have to try when in Malta:

1. Ftira biz-zejt

Description: Traditional Maltese bread filled with tomato paste, tuna and several other toppings. Malta’s delicious answer to a tuna sandwich is a delicious, inexpensive snack made with typical Maltese bread. 

Where to find it? Most cafeterias, takeaways and some restaurants.

Typical price? Between €1 and €2.50.

2. Pastizzi

Description: A cheese and/or pea-based pastry snack. It’s a traditional, delicious Maltese savoury snack, typically eaten as a mid-morning treat after Sunday mass.

Where to find it?: Local patisseries and pretty much every takeaway stall.

Typical price? Between 30c – 50c.

3. Imqaret

Description: Dates, citrus and spices are encased in a pastry and then deep fried. Popular sweet for the locals.

Where to find it? Food kiosks and some restaurants.

Typical price? Between 50c – 70c.

Have you tried any of these dishes? Let us know about your Maltese food experiences below!

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Written on 27th April 2017 by

Kiran Flynn

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