The Balearic Parliament announce Sustainable Tourism Tax

From 1st July 2016, the Balearic Govt. have charged a sustainable tourism tax on all overnight stays which is payable on arrival in the hotel. From 1st May 2018 this will increase.


But don’t panic! We’ve got everything you need to know, right here…

What is Sustainable Tourism Tax?

We love a jolly holiday to Ibiza, Majorca or Menorca… holidaymakers from all over the place frequently hop on a plane to the Balearic Islands for some beachy sunshine.

But this doesn’t come without a price; the volume and frequency of planes that fly over there has a tangible effect on the environment.

The Balearic Islands want to see their tourism continue to thrive, but in a responsible way. So, the Sustainable Tourism Tax is being brought about to contribute to the preservation of the islands and counteract any negative damage tourism may bring.

The tax will apply to both locals and foreigners who choose to stay in tourist accommodation such as hotels, holiday homes and cruise ships.

Will it apply me?

Exclusions: Children under the age of 16 are exempt from the tax and long-term holidaymakers may be subject to a 50% discount starting from the ninth day of their stay onwards.

The increased tax will be coming into effect from 1st May 2018… So if you’re over 16 and book a holiday anywhere in the Balearics after this date, the charge will apply to you.

The amount of tax you’ll need to pay will depend upon the category of the accommodation you are staying in, when you stay and the number of adults. Example charges are in the below table, although if you are planning an off-season holiday (travelling between November 1st – April 30th), there will be a 50% discount. There will also be a further 50% discount applied to every night after the ninth night of your stay.

  • 5-star & 4-star superior hotels: €4 per day (summer), €1 per day (winter)*
  • 4-star & 3-star superior hotels: €3 per day (summer), €0.75 per day (winter)*
  • 1-star, 2-star & 3-star hotels: €2 per day (summer), €0.50 per day (winter)*

*plus 10% VAT


7 day family holiday (including 2 adults)
Booked in May 2018
Travel in August 2018
3* Club Cala Romani Hotel in Majorca

= approx. €30.80 (incl. 10% VAT) tax added to your holiday price

 How will the revenue generated be spent?

The funds will be used to compensate for the environmental impact of tourism to the Balearics, such as:

  • Protection, preservation and recovery of the natural, rural and marine environment
  • Extension of the season, development of specific tourism products for low season, and promotion of sustainable tourism in low season
  • Restoration of cultural heritage
  • Improvement of tourism training


Where can I get further information on the Sustainable Tourism Tax?

The Balearic Parliament is currently developing a website on the Tax for Sustainable Tourism. Here you’ll be able to find updated information on the purpose of the funds raised and the varying projects and initiatives associated with it. The website isn’t currently live, so watch this space!


Note: the tax applies to all holiday bookings, regardless of booking agent.


Do you have any questions about the Sustainable Tourism Tax? Let us know!

Written on 1st April 2016 by

Kiran Flynn


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