Staying connected on holiday could get cheaper

Leading mobile phone companies EE, Three, Vodaphone and Virgin Media have announced they have signed an agreement with the Government to support a campaign to scrap mobile phone roaming charges by 2016. This could mean that in a few years you will no longer face hefty charges for using your smartphone while on holiday.


Using smartphones whilst travelling can not only be incredibly useful, they can enhance your holiday experience by alerting you to events and services nearby, help you overcome language barriers, book hotels and tickets. But most importantly with apps such as Google Maps, you can find your way around. But is having your smartphone available throughout your holiday really a good thing? Do you want to escape from the world and relax on holiday? Do you want to get a little lost and discover a little known restaurant you may not have considered if you’d followed the map? Perhaps there would be too much temptation to check what’s happening at work or what your friends are up to?

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Written on 11th December 2013 by

Holly Shackleton

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