Sound like a local in Malta

So you’re going to Malta. You’re pretty much all packed – well, almost – and have planned out everything you’re going to do whilst you’re away. Everything is sorted. But have you thought about learning some of the language for yourself? We asked Malta’s tourist board for some essential Maltese phrases that are used on a daily basis to help you out.

The essentials

Hello (informal) – X’minnek 

pronounced (shmin nek)


Goodbye – Sahha

pronounced (sah ha)


Please – Jekk Joghgbok

pronounced (yekk yoj bok)


Thank you – Grazzi

pronounced (gratsee)


Excuse meSkuzani

pronounced (skoozani)


How are you? – Kif inti?

pronounced as is


I’m great, thank you – Tajjeb 

pronounced (tay yeb)


Where’s the nearest loo? – Fejnu l-eqreb toilet, jekk joghgbok

pronounced (fey nu lereb toilet yekk yoj bok)


Can I have a local beer please? – Tini birra lokali jekk joghgbok

pronounced (tenee birra lokali yekk yoj bok)

Do you have anything to add to this? Let us know!


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Written on 27th April 2017 by

Kiran Flynn

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