Scots Spend Big this Summer

There’s been a recent report that found Scottish holidaymakers are set to splash the cash this year, spending more on their holidays than cash happy Londoners.

The report revealed that Scots will spend a whopping £1000 per person on their holidays this year, with Londoners spending £939. People from the North East are also spending big on their holidays this year, budgeting £937 for their much needed escape to the sun.

At the other end of the scale, the Welsh are set to be the most thrifty travellers during 2013, spending £730 on holidays, followed by holidaymakers from the South West and East Anglia.

Our research found that many holidays are cheaper this year than last, so with Scots intending on splashing the cash, they’re going to be enjoying even more time on the beach this summer.

Are you planning a holiday this year? Will you be loosening the purse strings or travelling on a shoe string?

Written on 14th February 2013 by

Tanase Rivers

Brand manager & digital marketer, festival frequenter, beach holiday bum, free spirit and lover of Yorkshire puddings. Festivals in the sun are my fave :)

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