A phrase a day – speak like the Spanish

Have you ever fantasised about impressing your friends with your impressive Spanish lingo skills on holiday? We’ve got your back, no problem – or as the Spanish would say: No hay problema.

Every week, we’ll share a new Spanish phrase that is typically unknown to your average Brit. You know… phrases like “it’s raining cats and dogs” which technically don’t make any sense, but in the real world do an excellent job of telling everyone precisely what you mean.

This week’s phrase is…

Weekly Spanish phrase

Literal translation: Throw the house through the window

Meaning: Push the boat out

Pronounced: Teera la kahsah pour la bentahnah


Last week’s phrase was…

Weekly Spanish phrase

Literal translation: In case the flies

Meaning: Just in case

Pronounced: Pour see las mosscars


Older phrases…

Literal translation: When the river sounds, it carries water

Meaning: Where there’s smoke there’s fire

Pronounced: Kwandoh el Rio suenah, ahwah yeahbah


Literal translation: To bread, bread, and to wine, wine

Meaning: To call a spade a spade

Pronounced: Al pan pan, ee al beeno, beeno


weekly spanish phrases

Literal translation: In good time, green sleeves

Meaning: About time

Pronounced: Ah bwenas oarass, mangas berdes


Spanish phrases meme

Literal translation: Each mad person with their own theme

Meaning: To each his own

Pronounced: Kahdah locko con su tehma


Literal translation: In bad weather, good face

Meaning: Put a brave face on it

Pronounced: Al mal tiempoh, bwenah carah


Pronounced: Es pan come-ee-doh

Literal translation: It’s eaten bread

Meaning: It’s a piece of cake


Pronounced:  Peleeyos ah Lamar

Literal translation: “Little hairs to the wind”

Meaning: Let bygones be bygones


Have you ever heard these phrases before? Let us know in the comments below!

Written on 11th April 2017 by

Kiran Flynn