Pet-lovers on holiday

What do you miss most when you’re on holiday? Your own bed? Your other half? Well according to a recent survey, it’s our pets that are topping Brit’s most-missed list when abroad.

Half of travellers said they prefer to take pets along with them on holiday, but when this isn’t possible, it seems that pet-owners go to great lengths to keep in touch with their four-legged friends.

Dog owners appear to be the most dedicated to their pets, with 1/5 of holidaymakers admitting to calling home, not just to check on their dog, but to actually speak to them!

The most common response came from 27% of survey takers who admitted to buying souvenirs for their pet while away on holiday. And that’s not all, 4% of those asked admitted to sending their pets a postcard with 22% even carrying around a photograph of their furry friend in their wallet.

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Written on 22nd October 2014 by

Emily Whitehouse

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