#nationalicecreammonth – Our Favourite Ice Cream Parlours

We all scream for ice cream. Nothing seems to hit the spot quite like a tall, cold one on a hot day. We love ice cream so much, even this year’s must-have pool floats are shaped like them. So, to cheer on the champion of chill, we’ve whipped together some of our favourite ice cream parlours for you to feast your eyes on; try not to drool.


L’alchimista, Ibiza

Ideally overlooking Santa Eulalia’s gorgeous seafront is the aptly named L’alchimista. That’s “The Alchemist” to you and me. The gang over at L’alchimista spend their days whipping up weird and wonderful ice cream combinations for hungry visitors to enjoy. The creative streak at this delightfully icy corner of the island also extends to a range of coffees, crepes, pancakes, and even that Ibiza staple of cocktail fish bowls if you still want more.

We recommend…

Try the ice cream cups. Find your perfect combo of mouth-watering ice creams topped with the perfect accompaniments.

How much is it?

Treats at L’alchimista start from €3.00.

our favourite ice cream parlours

Image source: L’alchemista via Facebook.

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Gelatiamo, Cyprus

If you happen to be in Nicosia during your Cyprus stay, definitely do yourself a favour and drop by Gelatiamo. This artisan gelato shop has been taking visitors, and locals, by snow storm since it opened. At Gelatiamo, every scoop is hand-made daily using only the best ingredients available. Sometimes less really is more, as this simple but delicious parlour shows.

We recommend…

Create your own triple chocolate concoction; Belgian dark chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, and Nutella make a heavenly combo.

How much is it?

Treats at Gelatiamo start from €2.50.

our favourite ice cream parlours

Image source: Gelatiamo via Facebook.

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Ziggy POP, Tenerife

Owner Ziggy says it best himself; Tenerife was eagerly awaiting its next icy innovation and who was he to deny that? Inspired by Mexican Paleta-style ice creams, Ziggy has perfected his own recipe for all natural ice lollies and he’s more than happy to share the results. Ziggy’s pops can be found offering stunning views across the bay in the idyllic Puerto de Santiago.

We recommend…

Sheer indulgence on a stick awaits in the form of a home-made caramel and sea salt POP.

How much is it?

Treats at Ziggy POP start from €2.50.

our favourite ice cream parlours

Image source: Ziggy POP.

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Papagiorgis, Corfu

Papagiorgis has been in the heart of Corfu town since the 1920s, bringing you the best treats on the island. Every day, hungry customers line up to get their hands on their famous pastries, cakes, gelato, and cake pops. Trust us, a trip to Papagiorgis is not to be missed while you have the chance.

We recommend…

With such a huge, ever-changing selection, picking a favourite at Papagiorgis is quite the daunting task. Instead, we recommend finding your favourite fusion of candy bar and ice cream. Snickers, Crunch Blanc, and Lila Pause are just some of the flavours we’ve seen on offer in the past.

How much is it?

Treats at Papagiorgis start from €3.50

our favourite ice cream parlours

Image source: Papagiorgis via Facebook.

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Sapori di Gelato, Albufeira

Since 2012, Sapori di Gelato has been serving hundreds of happy customers in the popular resort of Albufeira. Bring your stretchiest trousers as the portions here are nothing short of gut-busting. Milkshakes, waffles, crepes, sundaes, and more ice-based delicacies are up for grabs at this charming little parlour.

We recommend…

Sweet and savoury will always be a match made in heaven; try a crepe topped with your favourite flavoured ice creams and all the trimmings for sheer seaside bliss.

How much is it?

Treats at Sapori di Gelato start from €3.00.

our favourite ice cream parlours

Images by Sapori di Gelato via Facebook.

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Got a different ice cream joint in mind? Find a bargain in one of our other destinations and let us know how it shapes up.

Written on 30th June 2017 by

Kirsty Sidley

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