On the Beach or Off the Beach?

Every activity imaginable is better on the beach as far as we’re concerned. Their “off-beach” equivalents just don’t compare.

Whether you’re at work, the gym, university or waiting in line for an appointment, you’re off the beach. And when it comes to On the Beach v Off the Beach, On the Beach wins every time. Don’t believe us? We’ve collected undeniable photographic evidence to prove that life is better on a beach…

Reading On the Beach or Off the Beach

Lazing around on the soft white sand whilst your imagination is whisked away to a dramatic tale of romance and glee just doesn’t compare to banging your head on text-books during your January revision sessions.

Reading is better on the beachReading is rubbish off the beach

Swimming On the Beach or Off the Beach

Taking a dip in the refreshing ocean as the beaming sun shines on your back just doesn’t compare to splashing around in a pool in the middle of the city.

Swimming is better on the beachswimming isn't great off the beach

Eating a picnic On the Beach or Off the Beach

Sipping on ice-cold, pineapple and coconut cocktails and nibbling on hors d’oeuvres as the ocean laps onto the shore just doesn’t compare to eating soggy ham sarnies in the British drizzle.

picnics are better on the beachpicnics aren't great off the beach

Listening to music On the Beach or Off the Beach

Listening to the soft notes of a Spanish guitar as the sun sets on the horizon just doesn’t compare to the ill-fitting headphones that you resorted to buying in an attempt to block out the sounds of that darn traffic.

music is better on the beachmusic isn't great off the beach

Exercising On the Beach or Off the Beach

Finding your Zen as you perfect your yoga poses and stretch away your life’s woes just doesn’t compare to bursting a vein trying to lift a gigantic weight like this one:

exercise is better on the beachexercise isn't great off the beach

Sunbathing On the Beach or Off the Beach

Bronzing on the sand as you sink your toes in the shore just doesn’t compare to being blown away by the wind… let’s face it… it doesn’t get that sunny in the UK!

sunbathing is better on the beachsunbathing isn't great off the beach

It’s settled then… we really can’t think of anything better than being On the Beach! Do you have any pictures that prove how much better being On the Beach is to being Off the Beach? We’d love to see them.

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Written on 7th January 2016 by

Kiran Flynn

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