International No Diet Day: Our favourite holiday desserts

6th May is possibly our favourite day of the year as it’s National No Diet Day meaning that we can indulge in our favourite sweet treats and not have to feel guilty. To celebrate, we’ve searched far and wide to find the tastiest looking desserts that hail from our favourite holiday destinations – because who doesn’t love their cake by the ocean?

Barcelona – Mexican Ice Cream

If you’re heading to Barcelona anytime soon, make sure you pay a visit to La Heladeria Mexicana, the only Mexican ice cream parlour in Spain. The ice cream here is completely free of dairy and made from sorbet, water and exotic fruits including soursops. 

The parlour also offers other treats such as cakes, nachos and a Mexican ice cream beer which sounds incredible…

Spain – Churros

These little pastries may not look like much, but once you’ve tried a churro there’s no going back. Usually, the dessert is enjoyed with a chocolate dip but can also be taken with sugar, lemon and other flavours to suit your taste. 

In Malaga, Casa Aranda has been serving churros and other sweet treats since 1932 and has since taken over the whole street with several outlets, all overseen by one small yet friendly team.

Greece – Mosaiko

Mosaiko is one of the most popular desserts in Greece and when you look at the snap below, it’s not hard to see why. Made from rich chocolate and crunchy biscuits, the mouthwatering dessert is super easy to make and is often referred to as the no bake cake  as it sets in the fridge. 

You will more than likely find the  dessert on the menu in most Greek restaurants so there’s no excuse to not try this delicious Greek staple on your next visit.

Malta – Honey Rings 

If you’ve visited the beautiful island of Malta before, there’s no doubt that you’ve tasted honey rings, a Maltese delicacy traditionally served at Christmas. The ring pastries are filled with a mix of marmalade, sugar, lemon, oranges, mixed spices, cinnamon, vanilla and syrup. 

Although associated with Christmas and carnival time, Caffe Cordina in Valetta serve them all year round… 

Italy – Tiramisu

Most people have tried Tiramisu at some point in their lives and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! The coffee-flavoured dessert is a staple dish in Italy, where it is said to have originated in the 1960’s and has been a popular dessert choice ever since. 

Oesteria da Fortuna is a popular restaurant in the heart of Rome that serve a range of homemade foods, and their tiramisu looks extremely delicious…

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Written on 5th May 2017 by

Joshua Carry-James

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