New Year’s resolutions to keep you smiling

It’s 2019, the year of you doing you. Forget the resolutions that the world is telling you to make and ask yourself this: what do you love about your life that you want to keep doing? Or, what little change could you make to keep you smiling from day to day? We’ve put together a few suggestions of New Year’s resolutions that can keep your happiness and wellbeing in tip-top shape.

Work out (what makes you happy inside)

If you love to work out, that’s great! But a lot of what we see about New Year’s resolutions are based on losing weight and fad diets, and we think this can be unhealthy for your mind. Don’t compare yourself to images you see of ‘the perfect body’, as a lot of these are either edited, or the person dedicates 80% of their time to nutrition and exercise. All you need to do is make sure you’re living a lifestyle that makes you happy. If you’re dreaming about eating slices of pizza the size of your head, GO FOR IT! Don’t feel bad about doing something that puts a smile on your face.

Keep spending time with the people you love

They’re the most important people in your life and they cherish every moment they have with you. So, go for that country walk with your parents, catch up with your long-distance friend more than once a year and say yes to the extended family getaway! There’s nothing more important and uplifting than strengthening bonds with your favourite humans.

Keep on doing your favourite activities

Sometimes life can consume us. Working late, dentist appointments, laundry… it all adds up. Make sure to put aside time keep doing the things that bring you joy. From playing football to writing poetry, to simply sparing a couple of hours to watch a film, doing what makes us happy is important to keep us going through life. 

Look after your mind

You wouldn’t let your body run at full speed for days on end, so why let your mind? Take time to unwind and relax your thoughts. If things get too stressful, clear your diary for some self-care and try to rejuvenate your mind. This could be anything from sparing an evening for a relaxing bath and your favourite meal, to a week away on a peaceful beach holiday. We all need some ‘me’ (or ‘us’ with your loved ones) time.

Love yourself

There’s no one else in the world like you, you’re 100% unique! So show yourself some love and appreciate what’s so blooming brilliant about you. Whether it’s your humour, caring attitude or you’re simply a fan of the colour of your eyes. Remember to love yourself like everyone else does.

Feeling 2019 is the year for you? That’s great! We’ve got more information about health and wellbeing, plus advice from an experienced personal development coach, on our hub page

Written on 23rd January 2019 by

Catherine Tansey

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