National Photography Day – must-take beach snaps

We’re all guilty of it, taking photos on holiday and sharing them IMMEDIATELY on our Instagram profile. Whether we do this because our chosen destination is too beautiful not to share, or  because we want to brag show our followers what a great time we’re having, there are certain must-take holiday snaps. To celebrate #NationalPhotographyDay we’ve rounded up some of our favourite must-take beach snaps… 

Hot dog legs 

‘How can you mistake a pair of legs for hot dogs?’ Trust us… it’s very easy to do. You’ve probably seen hundreds of these images popping up on your Instagram feed over the past year and we LOVE them. They’re also super easy to take – all you need is a sun lounger and a great backdrop… 

Difficulty rating – 4/10

Holding the sun 

This is one for those who are a little more creative and have a little more time on their hands. If done correctly, sharing an image that looks like you’re holding the sun is a sure-fire way to impress your followers…

Difficulty rating – 7/10

Heart in the sky 

Want to let your followers know that you’re missing them whilst also showcasing your beautiful holiday spot? We have the answer. Teamed up with a sentimental caption and some nice emojis, a handmade heart and sunset really is a winning combination when it comes showing your holiday off on social media…  

Difficulty rating – 5/10

Sunglasses reflection 

If you’re on a beach holiday, chances are you’ll be rocking a pair of shades. Your sunglasses don’t only protect your eyes from the sun, they also make for great photo opportunities – especially when you can capture a beautiful reflection such as the clear waters… 

Difficulty rating – 6/10

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Written on 17th August 2017 by

Joshua Carry-James

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