Mum and dad’s holiday bugbears

You can choose where you go on holiday, but you can’t always control the guests who are there with you…

According to a recent survey, 1 in 10 parents list other people’s unmanageable kids as a major source of annoyance when on holiday, stating that parents should keep better control of their children. Drunken guests and rude staff were also major bugbears for parents on holiday.

When it came to hotel facilities, 60% of mums and dads thought hotels should provide menus for children and allow more flexible meal times, while 55% wanted special offers allowing children to go free.

Other issues listed by parents in hotels were rooms often only having showers, not baths, making it difficult for small children to use.

Family-friendly TV channels were also listed as high on the list of requirements, with a games room or children’s club being vital for parents when searching hotels.

What are your biggest irritations on your family holiday? And what do you look for when choosing a holiday for the kids?

Written on 1st September 2014 by

Emily Whitehouse

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