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When I book a holiday, I’m always looking for that little bit extra: those added touches, a little splash of something exciting (that’s not just being pushed in the pool). Well, I’ve found just the place for that special stay you’ve been searching for. Melia Villaitana hotel: it’s quite literally the gift that keeps on giving. Fusion restaurants, signature cocktails, golf course views, a kids’ club that will put a smile on the face of even the stroppiest teen, and finally, their extra-exciting upgraded concept, The Level, giving you access to exclusive areas and all the extra services you’ve always dreamed of. Just imagine being fed grapes by the pool while you fan yourself with one of those souvenir folding fans (well they don’t quite offer this service, but they have got a poolside concierge!) So, in the interest of speeding up the time in-between now and you being perched poolside, I’ve selected the best bits about a trip to Melia Villaitana. And if you stick around long enough, I’ll also give you the low-down on levelling-up…

1. Casa Nostra restaurant

An open-air courtyard with green trees, exposed brickwork and a fountain that would give the Friends intro a run for its money. This is the dreamiest place to spend an afternoon sipping sips and nibbling on nibbles. Translating to ‘our house’, Casa Nostra is the kind of place you can really feel at home. Their Italian menu is made up of ancient Sicilian recipes and even offers a takeaway menu if you want to take the party elsewhere. One word: delicioso!

2. Rituals bath products

See this bright airy room with 100% cotton, crisp, white bedsheets? Well that’s just the start of a spa-like stay at the heavenly hotel that is Melia Villaitana. You just wait ’til you’re soaking in the bath with the ridiculously relaxing smells of the Ritual of Jing bath products. I’m a sucker for a good bath (the kind that leaves you all pruney) and so I was buzzing to hear that every room here comes with a bath with big bottles of Rituals products to lather yourself in – there’s not a pesky little travel sized soap in sight.

3. Beachin’ pool

In case you haven’t put two and two together, us guys at On the Beach love beaches. Like, a lot. So, this pool with its own artificial beach is right up my sandy street. Splash about, enjoy the sunshine, feel that sweet grainy goodness in between your toes, with the added benefit that you’re only a stone’s throw away from your room. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’ve got four more outdoor swimming pools. And an indoor one, too! Utter madness.

4. Cool for kids

Kids will go crazy for the activities and adventures on offer here. The star of the show is the beyond-cool palm tree playground with slides, a fireman’s pole, climbing frames and even huge wooden lizards. Plus, there’s a shallow kids’ pool, a mini club and also a teen’s club for hanging out, watching TV and playing cards and board games. The kids are happy = you’re happy.

5. Padel playin’

There’s no better way to let off steam on your jollies than a game of padel tennis. I know what you’re thinking, I’ve just come up with an oddly specific way of describing tennis. But no, padel tennis is entirely different to tennis with a racket! For starters, you barely need any technique (excellent news, because I have all the grace of a seagull stealing a sandwich) and as an added bonus, you can use the walls to ricochet the ball off, a bit like squash! Now you’re undoubtedly in love with the sport too, you’ll be glad to know that the hotel has six padel tennis courts.

6. Next Level service

5, 4, 3, 2, 1: Level up, level up, level up… (I really need to stop watching so much TikTok). Regardless, this song was practically made for a holiday at Melia Villaitana hotel, because their upgraded concept, The Level, is truly a step up from any ordinary stay. When you choose a Level room you get access to a personalised check-in service, two private lounges (one’s for families) with free food and drink available all day, as well as two exclusive swimming pools (minus aforementioned person with grapes) and a sunset terrace to end your day the way it should do: with an epic view and a cocktail or two. On top of that, you get first dibs when reserving a table at the a la carte restaurants and for any spa treatments that take your fancy. Plus, you’ll even find added touches in your room, like bathrobes and slippers, and a pillow menu so you can choose from fibre, gel or feather pillows. Sounds like a right treat!

So, you ready to take things to the next level? Book your exclusive room at The Level at Melia Villaitana.

Written on 17th February 2023 by

Lucy Boynes

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