Keep fit playing sport in these sunny destinations

The Olympics may be over and this year’s Wimbledon tournament may seem like a distant memory now, but we’re still in the sporting spirit! To help prolong the Olympian vibes, here are our top sporting activities across Europe’s most loved destinations….

Alistair Daly – Chief Marketing Officer at On the Beach reckons that “with many destinations around Europe offering cheap summer holidays, Brits should take advantage of the bargains and jet off to foreign shores; not only to sport a golden tan but to go for gold and enjoy the nations’ favourite sport too.”

Mum, dad, daughter and son kick a football on the beach
Football – Brits love a kick-about wherever they are

We can’t deny that as a nation, we’ve got footie fever. Even if you don’t actively support a football team, chances are that you’ll have some sort of allegiance or tendency toward a team widely supported by your family or friends. If you fancy a kick-about whilst on holiday, why not take it to the beach? Then you can take part in our nation’s favourite sport wherever you are.

Love Tennis in Croatia

Croatia boasts an insatiable passion for one of the nations’ most loved sports; tennis. With a beautiful climate throughout the summer, there is no better way to spend a holiday in Croatia, than taking part in a great game on court followed by a refreshing ‘break point’ at the poolside to cool off. It’s no wonder some of the most talented tennis players in the world come from Croatia! Croatia has a wealth of famous sports-fellows, including Goran Ivanisevic, the famous face of Wimbledon.

Useful link: Croatia

Box in Bulgaria

Bulgarians favour the highly disciplined sport of boxing. It isn’t perhaps quite as relaxing as spending a day topping up the tan on Sunny Beach, but it can be a great way to keep in shape whilst enjoying your holiday on the Black Sea coast.

Useful link: Bulgaria

Pedaling through Portugal

The Portuguese prefer to take to the pedals, with cycling being one of the nation’s favourite sports. This is music to our ears as we love a good holiday to Portugal, and what can be better than viewing the stunning coastline as you embark on a cycle trail in the sun? Not much, that’s what. If you fancy experiencing it for yourself, why not head over there over low season before the temperatures rise too far? The Algarve sees great conditions for cycling holidays in March and April…

Useful link: Algarve

Volleyballing in Greece

To no surprise, the Greeks are keen volleyball enthusiasts. With plenty of picturesque beaches on offer, there’s lots of opportunity to perfect your volleyballing techniques. The Greeks can be relaxed and laid back, and what better way to enjoy a low key spot of sport than rolling off the sand and joining in the game with the sound of the sea by your side?

Useful link: Greece


Where would be your top choice for a sporty holiday in the sunshine? Let us know! Browse other types of lifestyle holidays here.


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