Jollies over brollies, pass it on (ft. John Kettley)

What an absolute shambles of a summer that was. 6th wettest July on record, according to our sources (Google). If all that rain’s got you down, then first of all – same, and second of all – we’ve got some news for you. We’ve coined a new catchphrase: jollies over brollies. You might’ve heard the phrase ‘it’s 5 O’Clock somewhere,’ but we’ve got one better: ‘it’s sunny somewhere.’ Specifically, the destinations we’ve picked out for you below – with a helping hand from our good pal, weatherman ICON John Kettley. He gave us all the juicy goss on what the weather’s like across Turkey, the Canaries, Mexico and a bunch of other hotspots this October and November, so you can get your dose of 2023 sunshine after all. Who said it had to be in the UK?

In a nutshell:

The full picture:



October – this bad boy on the west bank of the Red Sea is sheltered from cooler winds, so it’s sunny skies all round with afternoon temps of around 30°C, dipping slightly later in the month.

November – a bit less muggy and slightly cooler, but still around 25°C in the afternoons and only the smallest risk of showers (like, 2mm, which is nothing to cry about).

Sharm El Sheikh

October – with a desert-hot climate, this is the place where you can dunk into clear, warm waters at the southern tip of the Sinai, with temperatures not quite peak-summer hot (but still a scorching 32°C early on in the month!) and only the teeniest chance of rain across three days.

November – a little cooler with some sweater-weather after sundown, but still a pleasant 28°C in the afternoons, with only a small risk of showers.



October – you might see some clouds and thunder early in the month, but that’ll clear up in a jiffy, and then it’s all 29°C Mediterranean vibes with just a few cooler, more showery days later on.

November – a little bit cooler and wetter, so you might need a trusty waterproof just in case, but you’ll still be seeing temperatures at 23°C some afternoons, with six hours of daily sunshine.

United Arab Emirates


October – apart from the odd thunderstorm, this place stays scorching with desert-like temps (up to 39°C!), and 10 hours of daily sunshine only slightly dipping towards the end of the month.

November – warm and humid with a touch of Shamal winds from the northwest, but temperatures are still soaring around 30°C. You might see the odd sprinkle of rain, but for the most part you’re guaranteed sun, sun, sun.

Ras Al Khaimah

October – it’s still scorching here, with non-stop sunshine and temperatures at a mad-hot 40°C, dropping only slightly in the evenings to 25°C.

November – things cool down slightly, but your afternoons will still be a toasty 35°C even with the gusty winds of the Shamal blowing over.


October – the perfect time to embrace this (literal) hotspot after the busy summer season, with highs of 30°C, sea temperatures at a toasty 26°C, 9 hours of sunshine a day, and only odd thundery showers.

November – temperature’s cool down slightly to an average of 25°C, but the sea’s still warm enough for a dip, and any short-lived showers will clear up well in time for any al fresco dinners you have planned.


October – the first half of the month has you all set with average temperatures of 27°C and 8 hours of daily sunshine, but you might see an increase in showers and thunderstorms from mid-month.

November – there’s a highly-anticipated winter downpour this season (great for the plants!), so it might be wet and stormy at times, but you can still expect warm, sunny afternoons with a pleasant enough temperature of 22°C.


October – expect a few storms, but in general you’ll see 7 hours of sunshine a day at an average of 25°C with slightly cooler nights. There might be some heavier rain in the middle of the month.

November – autumn rain is expected for around 12 days this month, with the possibility of a three-day Mediterranean storm, and temperatures might dip slightly to 21°C, but nothing’s stopping you from taking a trip to the desert for a bit of heat!



October – the climate around these parts is often deemed ‘tropical’, and this year in particular is going to be a hot one. Expect sunny weather all round at the start of the month, with a few days of rain and slightly cooler temperatures later on.

November – afternoon temperatures will dip to 21°C, and there might be more showers on the cards, but the sunny spells in between will offer some cracking holiday weather.


October – daily sunshine is around 8 hours a day, with temperatures soaring above 35°C at times. Expect it to get cooler and cloudier later on in the month, with a few scattered thunderstorms.

November – there’ll be about five days of showers expected, but the rest of the month you can expect dry, sunny weather with highs of 25°C during the day.



October – while the north will see cloudier skies with some winds, the south of the island can expect strong sunshine and higher temperatures. Overall, expect dry weather with average temperatures of 28°C.

November – the sea might get a bit chilly and you might see the odd thundery downpour, but on the whole you’ll see a dry, warm climate with temperatures hitting 25°C.


October – things start off hot (with highs of 34°C and 7 hours of daily sunshine), with winds picking up towards the end of the month, a few showers and temperatures dipping slightly to 28°C.

November – being close to Africa, you can expect short spells of hot, desert winds, but still with plenty of sunshine and afternoon temperatures of around 25°C.


October – this place carries similar characteristics to Fuerteventura, with cloudy mornings that break into bright, sunny afternoons and highs of 27°C most of the time, and only the odd shower.

November – you’re slightly more at risk of cloudiness, but things stay warm and sunny for most of the month with 8 hours of daily sunshine and only 10-15mm of rain.

Gran Canaria

October – expect strong sunshine almost daily, with warm sea temperatures and evenings ideal for a bit of al fresco dining. You’ll see highs of 30°C early on in the month, cooling only slightly later on.

November – only five days of rain are expected, and this place is still deemed an ideal autumn getaway for this month, still with strong sunshine and averages of 23°C.


Riviera Maya

October – you can enjoy autumn warmth with 7 hours of daily sunshine with just a few showers, but still highs of 31°C to make use of those sandy beaches and watersports.

November – despite the shorter days, it’s still toasty around this time, with sea temperatures close to 28°C and slightly less showers.

Dominican Republic

October – it’s still hurricane season so you might see some storms, but for most of the month you’ll see hot sunshine perfect for making the most of your time along the coast.

November – expect a few thundery downpours, but don’t worry – the sun will still be shining for 8 hours a day, with average temperatures of 28°C.


October – hot, hot hot by day and warm by night, you won’t be cold here. There might be some heavy rain mid-month and temperatures taking a slight dip.

November – it’ll get drier as the month goes on, with 8 hours of sun per day and any showers that do happen will likely be in the early evening.



October – you’ll see daytime temperatures up to 32°C dipping to about 28 through the month with some cooler nights and thundery downpours later on.

November – you can skip the busy queues at the resort during this time, while soaking up some afternoon warmth of around 25°C and slightly chillier nights.


October – expect 7 hours of sunshine per day with high, consistent temperatures. The sea temperature is also a toasty 28°C – you might just see some showers later in the month.

November – rainstorms are less likely now, with sunny skies and average temperatures of 26°C.

Los Angeles

October – say hello to a whopping heatwave, with highs of 33°C and 8 hours of daily sunshine until mid-month when there might be a slight dip and the odd shower.

November – still 7 hours of daily sunshine with occasional showers, mild temperatures of around 24°C, and slightly cooler sea temperatures.

Las Vegas, Nevada

October – expect a desert climate with 10 hours of daily sunshine. There’ll be a slightly cooler start to the month before things heat up with highs of 36°C.

November – almost completely dry with only three days of light rain expected, and still a strong 9 hours of sunshine per day.

New York

October – there’s been some recent flash flooding, but there’ll be a mix of cloudy days and sunny spells this month, with temperatures between 21°C and 25°C

November – a cooler time of year with chilly nights and just 5 hours of daily sunshine, but only around 9 days of expected rain.


October – monsoon season continues, so sunshine is limited with almost daily rain for the first two weeks, BUT it’ll also be hot and humid with afternoon highs of 34°C.

November – there might still be some thundery showers, but dry season will kick in now so you can enjoy sunnier skies, warm weather and 9 hours of sunshine on the brightest days.


October – the mainland will see different weather from northwest to southeast, with the mountain ranges bringing the coolest and wettest weather, but overall it’ll be a hot and sunny month with highs of 27°C.

November – temperatures start to decline slightly and afternoons/nights will become a bit chillier, but you’ll still see up to 6 hours of sunshine per day.


October – sunny skies with an average of 8 hours of sun per day, and only the slight chance of a few downpours breaking through the summer heat.

November – temperatures will peak around 18°C, with the sea a bit rougher and cooler, and only 5 hours of daily sunshine.


October – expect heavy rain (shocker), with expected tropical storms, cooler temperatures and some frost in Scotland.

November – the first frosts will head further south with reduced sunshine, and average temperatures of around 12°C.

If all that’s got you in the mood for a last-minute holiday, it’s not too late to soak up some winter sun.

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Charlotte Rhodes

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