In-flight gadgets!

We hope some of you caught our gadgets post a couple of weeks ago. We are so keen on our technology here that we wanted to post some gizmos you can use whilst you are in transit too! This is good timing, since a couple of months ago the Federal Aviation Administration announced that rules should be relaxed on what accessories passengers can use in-flight…it may soon be accepted to send a text, tweet (or even make a phone call!) at any point during your journey!

The Grid-It is essential for anyone who likes to bring their gadgets with them on holiday. This grid of weaved, rubber elastic bands keeps everything in place and saves your digging around in your bag whilst you’re on the move – very neat indeed!

If you are someone who can’t survive a long-flight without watching a film or listening to music on your iPhone, then you’ll know running out of battery can be crippling! To the rescue…The Mophie Juice Pack, a specially designed case with an in-built battery, can give you up to 100% more usage. Be prepared and pick one up for your Samsung S Series of iPhone!

And finally, that annoying whir of the engines can be silenced by a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones. They don’t tend to come cheap but Sony’s MDRNC200D.CE7 seem like the pick of the bunch. With specially developed ear cushions too they should be comfortable for many hours of use.

Why not treat yourself?! We would like to you know what you find handy to bring with you on a flight too, so get in touch on Facebook or Twitter!

Written on 16th August 2013 by

Holly Shackleton

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