Ibiza Lowdown: Style Rules

If you’ve been following our Ibiza guide, by now you’ll know all about the DJs, clubs, bars and who to stalk for more info, but have you got your party gear sorted? This time, it’s all about style…

Ibiza Style: the rules

The freedom you’ll feel in Ibiza will extend to your wardrobe so, despite it being a huge cliché – the rule is there are no rules.

But, since you insist…


You’re on holiday and it’s going to be warm, so the laid-back, hippyish look will come naturally to most. Think bright colours, loose tops and dresses, bangles stacked high…you get the picture.

If you want to take your dedication to fashion away with you, work these S/S 13 trends into your clubwear to get on down in style:


Image credit shessovogue-fashion.blogspot.com


Do black and white on dresses, skirts, tops, bags, makeup – anywhere or, if you really want to stand out in the club, everywhere. Checks are big news, so do them justice by going as big as possible.


Image credit mimoslife.worpress.com


A streamlined bomber jacket in a metallic material will take you from bar to club to wherever you end up, in style. This thin, non-bulky layer is perfect for a night time chill in Ibiza. Take inspiration from the shimmering bombers on the S/S catwalks from Jonathan Saunders, or look out for jackets with an elegant twist like the chiffon-sleeved versions from Loewe’s collection. The lighter the material the better, especially in the Ibiza heat.


Great if you want to look like you could host a spiffing dinner party, not so great if you want to dance till the sun comes up. Leave your court shoes, restrictive pencil skirts and pastel handbags at home.




Image credit ashmode.com

The S/S13 styles from Topman Design used acid-brights for nineties-inspired looks that offer just the right balance of “made an effort” and “I’m just that cool”. To get the look yourself, team a neon pink, orange or yellow t-shirt with a pair of plain shorts, or throw some prints into your outfit: camo is fully acceptable again, and be sure to snap up any T-shirts, shorts or casual shirts with streetwear-inspired graphics on.


Image credit beyondretro.com


Must-haves for the beach and the hangover, sunglasses are ten times cooler if they look like they’ve been around for donkey’s.




Image credit Harveynichols.com

Considering something you’d ever normally wear? Welcome to Ibiza style! Perfect for getting you into the party spirit, not to mention attracting plenty of attention, the metallic look has well and truly been endorsed by the top designers for S/S13, so get it on! Take your cue from Burberry Prorsum’s short-sleeved foil shirts and look for tees with metallic detail – as much or as little as you like. For statement footwear, take a leaf out of Versace’s very stylish book and opt for trainers and sports shoes with reflective detailing.


It may be everywhere by the time you come to digging out your suitcase, but this smart trend is not one for the ‘pack’ pile. Restrictive, too warm and too try-hard, the slim-fit tailored shorts and blazers that make up S/S13’s take on tailoring have no place in the sweaty, thumping recesses of the Ibiza party scene.

It’s all about you…

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Written on 22nd May 2013 by

Holly Shackleton

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