How to Marie Kondo your suitcase

Tired of sitting on top of your full-to-bursting suitcase, willing the zip to close? Step forward, Marie Kondo. Her blend of minimalism and mindfulness when it comes to tidying has really struck a chord with the British public – we’re not sure how, but Marie Kondo has actually made tidying cool. We can’t think of anything that sparks more joy than a holiday…except when you can’t get your suitcase to shut. Read on to find out how can you apply the KonMari tidying method to your overstuffed travel bags.

Greet your suitcase and say thank you for its service

This first step might seem a bit hippy-dippy, but bear with us. Viewing packing as a chore can mean it gets put off until the last minute. Rushed packing is bad packing, so take a moment to slow down. Sit next to your empty suitcase, say hello and visualise where it will take you. If it’s an old travelling companion, think about where you’ve been and what you’ve seen together. Say thank you for adventures past and adventures yet to come. Slowly breathe in and out. Begin with a bit of meditation and you’ll be in the packing zone in no time!

Make a holiday clothes heap

Whether you pack for all eventualities – “But what if Tenerife runs out of towels? Better bring four!” – or you’re convinced you really do need ten pairs of pants per day, something about going on holiday brings out the hoarder in all of us. To avoid overpacking, make a pile of all the clothes and towels you plan to take with you. Chances are, it’s massive. Do you really need it all? Pick up every item one by one. If it sparks joy, and you know you’ll use it – pack it. If it’s your sixth pair of shoes that you’re only taking because of that one outfit, put the whole ensemble back in your wardrobe – just remember to thank it first! You’ll soon get into the swing of what to bring.

Use the KonMari folding method

Packing techniques vary, from haphazardly stuffing to neatly stacking, but they all have one problem in common – you can’t see what’s in your suitcase without taking everything out. This is where the KonMari folding method comes in. By folding neatly and standing your clothes upright, you can see each and every item in your suitcase at once. This means that you don’t need to throw everything on the floor as soon as you arrive at your hotel, just because your flip-flops are buried at the bottom.

Tackle toiletries and other items separately

Is your suitcase looking more like a bookcase? Or have you packed enough lotions and potions for the whole cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race? On the back of her Netflix show – Tidying Up with Marie Kondo – charity shops saw an increase in donations as people purged their homes of clothes, books and bric-a-brac that no longer spark joy. Whilst you don’t need to say goodbye to these items forever, applying the same attitude to the extra bits and bobs you pack will take a load off your mind – not to mention off the weight of your bags. Hold each object and see if it sparks joy – can you see it improving your holiday? Be realistic too; if your travel charger is sparking anything, it might be time for a new one.

Marie Kondo your suitcase to help you tidy and pack for your holiday – even if you’re off to get messy on your Magaluf holidays…

Written on 2nd April 2019 by

Jennifer Keery

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