Holidaymakers make the move to favourite holiday destinations!


Gran Canaria – photo credit

It can be a struggle to board the plane and get back to reality when our relaxing summer holiday ends, so it’s no surprise that one in three of us seriously consider moving back there when we get home!

In fact, one in ten take it to the next stage and have actually gone through with the move. Almost a quarter of holidaymakers have started looking into the immigration procedures and 20% have applied for jobs in their dream destination. The Spanish mainland is named the most popular destination for those making a move to sunnier shores, with the beautiful Spanish Canary Islands also featuring within the top 10.

Holidays bring out the best in people and after a week spent relaxing in the sun, the thought of returning to our often chilly shores can seem somewhat uninviting. The laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle, sipping on sangria and soaking in the sun, sounds much more tempting, so it’s not surprising that holidaymakers return looking to make the move.

Written on 13th August 2013 by

Holly Shackleton

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