Holidaying on a budget – it can be done!

Too good to be true you say? Not anymore.

Whether you’re a couple trying to cut-back or a family of five trying to spread the costs, our tips will help put them pennies back in the pocket in no time.

Public Transport. It’s a scary thought for all of us when you’re in a new place, but having a pre-holiday search into the available services could save so many pennies on them pesky taxi journeys.
Alternatively, booking a transfer before travelling can save you lots too, so there’s more money for ice-creams on the beach!

Room Type and Board basis. We love the idea of pampering ourselves silly. Who doesn’t? But being price savvy can make the world of difference. Do you really need that Pool view? And is the Room Only basis going to be all that much cheaper for you and your family when eating out 24/7?

Passport and Currency

Whatever you choose, make sure you’ll be getting the most out of the holiday that you build (and pay for!).

Exchange rates. You get to the airport. You’re feeling great about your bargain holiday. You check your bags in, head into departure and… pay ludicrous prices on Currency rates at the airport. What?! It breaks our heart to see fellow holiday goers miss out on exchange rate deals. There are loads of online comparison sites that look up current exchange rates for different places and companies, so put our mind at ease and exchange before you fly.

Packing the essentials. There’s nothing worse than getting to that long-awaited beach and realising you’ve forgotten your towel. Or even worse, your sun cream! Buying the beach essentials is costly nearby, so make sure you do a quick mental check-list before leaving the hotel. Need I even mention knock-off sunglasses being over-priced? Become an expert in haggling prices down and your holiday price will come down too.

So by making changes to your holiday habits, you’ll be more relaxed and trust us, you’ll feel better for saving too. To check out current deals to that perfect beach bargain, go to!

Written on 28th February 2014 by

On the Beach

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