Holiday spending habits revealed

Everyone likes to bring back the odd souvenir from their holiday; whether it’s a gift for the family members left at home, or simply something to remember your trip, us Brits just can’t help spending when abroad.

But according to a recent On the Beach survey, some holidaymakers go beyond a simple souvenir, with almost a quarter of Brits admitting to taking a spare suitcase or bag with them on their holiday to fill with extra shopping.

With millions of Brits busy planning their next holiday, 17% of those surveyed said they will spend at least £100 on new items, with the majority saying they will spend around £60 on shopping in resort.

Although souvenirs are what holidaymakers are most willing to flash their cash for, it’s not the only shopping indulgence we partake in…

17% said they would treat themselves to new clothes, as they feel that the variety of clothing is better abroad with more size options available.

It comes as no surprise that alcohol is the third most popular choice for holiday purchases, with 16% buying booze abroad, whilst one in ten choose to spend their money on cosmetics. Customers in the survey stated that they chose to buy these items abroad as they believe it’s cheaper than here in the UK.

Souvenirs were the most popular item across the country, but what else is a popular holiday purchase in your region? Take a look below…



Are you guilty of a bit of holiday spending? What will you be buying on your next On the Beach holiday?

Written on 27th January 2015 by

Emily Whitehouse

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