Holiday snaps – the main culprits

We’ve all seen them… hijacking our newsfeed and evoking feelings of jealousy and mild contempt for the culprit. That’s right – it’s holiday

Through the years, social media binging has become entwined in holiday bragging, and as a result of this, we’ve begun to see themes in the sort of photos people take on holiday. Let’s take a look at some of the major offenders…

The ‘hotdog legs’ shot

Probably the most famous of all the holiday poses, hotdog legs have become a staple in most people’s albums. Why? Well, you can capture the beautiful scenery and show off your new tan… without having to go for a full bikini shot!

The ‘mid-jump’ shot

It may take a few attempts, but the mid-air shot is a firm favourite among the younger generation to say to friends back home “look how much fun we’re having”. It takes a lot of team effort and communication, but the results are (sort of) worth it…

Photo - chrisnfliss@hotmail_com - 1553519

Photo - sophia_kearney@hotmail_co_uk - 1562627


The ‘depth perception’ shot

Whether it’s holding the Eiffel Tower between your fingers, or leaning casually against a Pyramid, the depth perception shot is definitely the most impressive of all the holiday photos. Get it right and you have an awesome, new profile picture to continually remind your friends that you were on holiday and they… well weren’t.

The ‘look at my sandy feet’ shot

The man’s equivalent of hotdog legs, the ‘look at my sandy feet’ shot shows it’s not just women that like to brag about their holidays on social media and you know… that men can be body conscious too. Just not about their feet.

Photo - kinderisjonas@yahoo_com - 1497713

Are you guilty of any of these holiday photo stereotypes? Can you think of any more?

Written on 18th September 2014 by

Emily Whitehouse

Marketeer and blogger for On the Beach. Lover of all things beachy.

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