Helpful Ruby Resources – The Ruby Academy

There are SO many helpful Ruby resources for those looking to get into Ruby Development and work on their skills…

Online Reading

Read about the Agile Manifesto, and all its values for Software Development including a people-centric approach. Or you can read the Manifesto for Software Craftmanship.

You can look at the On the Beach guidelines here.

Providing you with a wealth of blogs to read, Practicing Ruby is a fab resource for keeping in-the-know.

Codecadamy - Helpful Ruby Resources

Interactive Ruby resources

The developers at On the Beach highly recommend practising Ruby on Codecademy.

See you Ruby coding skills in action on Ruby Warrior.   

Who doesn’t want a Zombie-themed interactive Ruby tutorial? Rails for Zombies provides just that…


A useful video…



Code School is an all-round heaven for anyone looking to get better at coding… Try Git is a particularly great tutorial.

And so is Git Real 2

Or you can try this equally good Git tutorial from Atlassian.

You can even read a whole book of Rails tutorials online here.

Codekata believes that learning-by-doing is simply the best way of learning. Their tutorials on AnagramsBloom filters, and Tom swift” are simply marvellous.

Helpful Ruby Resources - NWRUG forum

Get social with Ruby

The North West Ruby User Group is a great place to discuss all things Ruby with like-minded developers.

Get involved with XP Manchester.

Off the bookshelf

Some great articles, as well as some recommended books to buy can be found at Eloquent Ruby.

Read a programmers guide to Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby.

Growing Object Oriented Software Guided By Tests talks you through Test-Driven-Development (TDD) which is now an established technique for delivering quality software at a quicker pace.

Helpful Ruby Resources - Ruby Weekly


You can sign up to weekly emails informing you of the latest updates to do with Ruby at the Ruby Weekly.

Or sign up for Status Code’s weekly emails on all things programming.


We hope this helps you go in the right direction in your Ruby journey…

Have you heard of the Ruby Academy? It might be the next step you’re looking for. We have finished recruiting for our 2015 Ruby Academy – but it’s never to early to start preparing for next year.

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Kiran Flynn

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