Guinness World Record Day: Best beach records

Guinness World Record Day is one of our favourite days of the year. Not only do we get treated to some bizarre records (shout out to longest finger nails), but we get to see those who love the beach as much as we do attempt to break some of the best beach records – we’re not jealous at all…

Most People Riding a Surfboard

The record for most people riding a surfboard is a huge 66! The record took place at Huntington Beach, California on 20th June 2015. The surfboard was 42 feet long (which actually broke the record for largest surfboard) and was made by the same company who broke the same record back in 2005. All aboard!

On the Beach rating: 7/10


The Tallest Sandcastle

Created by Ted Siebert in association with Turkish Airlines, the current Guinness World Record for the tallest sandcastle is 13.97m. The amazing sculpture was created by Siebert and 19 crew members from Turkish Airlines at Virginia Key Beach, Florida in October 2015.

On the Beach rating – 8/10

Longest Wave Surfed By a Dog

This may be our favourite beach-themed record. Ever. Meet Abbie, the 8 year old Kelpie who can surf… (yes, really!) She achieved the record after surfing a wave of 107.2m tall at Ocean Beach in San Diego. This record has been held since 2011 so it doesn’t look like it’ll be beaten anytime soon…

On the Beach rating: 10/10

Longest Open Ocean Journey by Aquabike

The furthest distance travelled by a jetski on the open ocean is 3,074km (1659.8 nautical miles) and was achieved by Risto Piipsa of Finland. He travelled from Helsinki in Finland to Ceuta in Spain from 13 July to 24 August 2014. Risto covered 4820km in total, 1,746km were on inland waters through mainland Europe…

On the Beach rating: 6/10

Other Favourites:

Largest Inflatable Beach Ball: Blackpool currently hold the record for largest inflatable beach ball with a diameter of 59ft.  The previous record holder was Polish supermarket Real which had a diameter of 51ft back in 2012. One thing is for sure – we’d love to play with either of these!

Oldest Person To Win a Volleyball Title: At aged 44 years and 284 days, Karch Kiraly became the oldest player to win an AVP tour title on Huntington Beach. The title, Huntington Beach Open, was achieved in August 2005 so it looks like this one won’t be beaten for a while yet…

Most People Buried In Sand Simultaneously: 684 is the total number of people taken to achieve this record in Ecuador in 2013. Prizes were offered for the most creative ‘burial’ with turtles, hearts, angels and many more designs taking place on the beach that day…

Largest Gathering of Pirates: This unusual record was achieved by 14,231 participants at an event organised by Roger Crouch and The Town of Hastings on Pelham Beach in East Sussex on 22 July 2012. The enclosed area had 17 entrances and 2 exits, each monitored by 2 clickers…


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Written on 14th November 2017 by

Joshua Carry-James

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