Greek Island Secrets – beaches you just have to visit

We asked our friends at the Greek National Tourism Office to let us into their best kept beach secrets on some of our favourite Greek Islands. From red lava cliffs to Petros the Pelican, here’s some expert advice, straight from the mule’s mouth:

Santorini Island

Not a sight you see everyday. Red Beach. [Image credit: Wikipedia Commons]

Amoudi Beach

Located right below Oia village and accessible by foot or mule, Ammoudi is a rugged beach and small harbour, beautiful in its own imperfection. Word about the office is that the sunsets here are the best around town. Better still, it has several tavernas so you can look out over the horizon with a feta-laden meze by your side.

White Beach

What it says on the sign. Spectacular white cliffs looming above make for stock-image quality scenery. If heaven were a beach, it would be White Beach. One of the best things about it is you have the best of two beaches, with Red Beach right next door on the adjacent cove. You can get there on foot or by boat.

Red Beach

Probably one of the most famous beaches on the island, red lava cliffs, pebbles and sand make for a striking scene. It’s quite a remote spot, but its reputation precedes it, attracting visitors from near and far. The beach is also not too far from Akrotiri town and it’s archaeological site.

Mykonos Island

Petros the Pelican standing on a rock

Petros the Pelican – Mykonos’ favourite mascot

Agia Anna Beach

It’s no secret that Mykonos is a celebrity hotspot. Grace Kelly, Katy Perry, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lindsay Lohan are but a few famous faces to have visited. One particular Mykonos celeb that you should visit, however, is Petros the Pelican (Jr.), Mykonos’ much-loved mascot who can be seen paddling along at Agia Anna Beach by the harbour.

Paradise Beach / Super Paradise Beach

Party all day. Party all night. Paradise beach is great for tanning to the sounds of upbeat music, attracting those who like a party. On the right side of the beach is Super Paradise Beach which is particularly well-known for being LGBT-friendly. Cavo Paradiso club – Mykonos’ renowned nightlife gem since 1993 – is nearby, which hosts regular music events and world famous DJs.

Platis Gialos Beach

It’s no wonder this is one of Mykonos’ most popular beaches. Platis Gialos has so much going for it; stunning waters and scenery, regular boats towards other nearby beaches, a variety of hotels right by the beach and everything you could need to keep your family happy. Roll straight onto the sands from your hotel room, or hop on a regular bus from the capital… Platis Gialos is a hub worth visiting.

Kefalonia Island

Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia - aerial shot

This isn’t a stock image. I repeat: this isn’t a stock image. Myrtos Beach is a real paradise.

Myrtos Beach

A much-deserved winner of many international awards, Myrtos in Kefalonia is one of Greece’s best beaches. No, really; it was even awarded a blue flag to boot. We know we call a lot of beaches “beautiful” (because they are), but this time, we really, really mean it. Just look at it (above)!

Antisamos Beach

Brought to fame in the Hollywood movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” starring Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz, Antisamos Beach is also of celebrity calibre. This is swimming and sunbathing 101. Partner your beach day with a trip to the Monastery of Agrillion, an important religious site for locals that happens to have spectacular views over the beach.

Ksi Beach

You don’t often see a beach with orange sand, do you? The clay properties in the sand and water have cleaning and tightening properties to the skin, meaning it’s not only your eyes that get a treat here.

Skiathos Island

Lalaria Beach Rock Bridge at Lalaria Beach

Rock Bridge at Lalaria Beach. Stunning.

Koukounaries Beach

This is officially the third most beautiful beach in the Med. Not surprising, really. Surrounded by greenery, you can gaze at pine trees and inhale the sea breeze, whilst black and white swans swim about at their leisure. Sounds like utter bliss to us.

Lalaria Beach

The home of amazing sea caves, jagged coves, and an iconic rock bridge, Lalaria Beach in Skiathos is only accessible by boat from the capital – but don’t let that stop you. The short journey is totally worth it. The beach has no facilities but is completely as nature intended it to be. A great place to un-plug and re-charge.


To book a holiday in one of the Greek Islands and to visit these beaches for yourself, see a list of Greece holidays here. Or for expert info on Greece’s amazing beaches, go to Visit Greece.

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