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Greece is known for its endless stretches of crisp sands and glimmering waters, but this set of spectacular islands has more to offer than first meets the eye. Discover the stories told by the incredible ancient ruins, rejuvenate at one of the islands therapeutic thermal spas or take to the cities for a mix of urban life with a historical Mediterranean touch. This spectacular side to Greece is waiting to be discovered…

The ancient wonders of Athens

Take a trip through time and marvel at one of the most awe-inspiring archaeological sites to still stand today. A visit to the Acropolis UNESCO world heritage site is an utterly mesmerising experience.

You’ll find the ancient wonders standing boldly over the city of Athens as a reminder of its long and fascinating history. Glimpse at incredible monuments such as the Parthenon. Built almost 2500 years ago, the immense presence of this iconic temple is sure to give you goosebumps. Prepare to be amazed as you set eyes on towering columns that have truly stood the test of time. A wander through this charming collection of archaeological sites will transport you to a thrilling mystical kingdom filled with the remains of remarkable civilisations.

And that’s not all! A trip to the ancient city would not be complete without visiting the Acropolis Museum. This impressively built modern museum is home to a captivating mix of sacred statues, excellent exhibitions and plenty of interesting facts about the Acropolis.

Take a medieval tour in Rhodes

The Old Town of Rhodes is brimming with medieval wonders that tell a spectacular history. Stroll the paths through the famous Street of the Knights. Which was once called home by the famous knights who ruled the city of Rhodes. The spectacular Palace of the Grand Master stands proudly, boasting huge stone staircases, beautiful arched doorways and many lavishly designed rooms. It really is a palace fit for a king! The memories live on today in an invigorating atmosphere that captures the essence of the many historical moments that have taken place here.

Thermal spas

The Greek islands are blessed with rich, warm mineral waters that boast some spectacular therapeutic benefits! Pamper yourself the traditional Greek way, from hot natural springs on the rocky Kos coastline and lush warm lakes like lake Vouliagmeni in Athens to luxurious thermal spas in Santorini, where you can indulge in rejuvenating treatments and bask in the endless therapeutic benefits of these natural warm waters. 


City breaks in Greece

Get the best of both worlds with city breaks in Greece. A trip to the lively cities of Athens or Thessaloniki offers the buzz of busy city streets with hidden historical gems and a spot of Grecian sun. Local cafes, historic monuments and a vibrant nightlife scene await. These cities are packed with possibilities to suit every taste.

If you’re a foodie, you will feel right at home in Thessaloniki. A city famous for its mouth-watering Greek traditional cuisine. Expect open-air markets with inviting fresh foods, speciality seafood restaurants that sit by the shore and sweet treats galore at the plethora of patisseries that sweep the streets of the city. Looking for more of a cultural trip? Head to Athens to snap some shots of the spectacular street art dotted across the city, take a visit to the National Museum of Contemporary Art or catch one of the many concerts at the Megaron hall.  

Take to the seas

The shores of these stunning islands are brimming with hidden pieces of Greece’s magical history. Add a splash of excitement to your adventure by taking a boat tour exploring the mystical caves of Kefalonia. Dive down to the ancient cities that sit at the bottom of the sea in Peloponnese and uncover the petrifying bones of ancient elephants in Crete. Jump into the crystal waters of these enchanting islands and experience the hidden gems of the Aegean Sea.

Aegean Sea

Uncover the churches of Zante

A collection of incredible churches lie across the island of Zante. The biggest and most impressive can be found along the seashore of Zakynthos Town. Prepare to be amazed at the stunning artwork that covers the walls of the Agios Dionisios Church. This masterpiece features a unique decoration and there are an array of interesting details to be explored inside –making it a must see if your stopping in Zante. For more of a pretty and peculiar pick, visit the St. Nicholas Kiliomenou Church. With an arching bell tower and striking architecture, it’s open daily for visitors to explore.

The White Tower of Thessaloniki

This lively city combines the hustle and bustle of city life with charming historic monuments for a cultural trip to remember. Stroll along the old waterfront to find the iconic White Tower, which has loomed over the waters since the 16th century. This popular landmark was once used as a fort to defend the cities coast and later became a prison. The tower then went on to become an important home to many sacred ancient artefacts during World War I. Today you can learn about its impressive history in an interactive multimedia exhibit inside the tower itself.

Fancy exploring Greece #offthebeach for yourself? There is so much to discover…

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