How to get a free hotel room upgrade

Getting an upgraded hotel room is like the Holy Grail of holiday freebies to us Brits. Sometimes we get lucky and fortune falls into our laps in the form of a sea view or superior suite; the majority of the time however, we have to use our wits and cunning to get those all important freebies.

So how do we stand a chance of getting a hotel room upgrade? We’ve scoured the internet to find traveller’s top tips…

Be polite

It seems like a given, but simple manners when speaking to hotel staff could make a huge difference. We all get grumpy after hours of travelling, so set yourself apart from the rest of the impatient holidaymakers with a smile and polite chit-chat. After all, bad manners could cost you a free upgrade.

Drop in your special occasion

Celebrating a big birthday abroad? Enjoying your honeymoon by the beach? What better reason to receive a free upgrade from your hotel than a special occasion? Try not to be too blatant with it though, saying “It’s my birthday, give me free stuff” may not be the best means of persuasion…

Go off peak

It makes sense that the more rooms a hotel has going spare, the more chance you’ll have of being upgraded. For most hotels, reputation is everything, and if they can afford to spare a better room in the hopes of a shining review, then they will.

Don’t check-in early

A lot of the time, we can’t help our check-in times due to flight schedules. If you can however, checking in late may mean more chance of an upgrade. Hotels will hold out until later in the day in the hope that they will fill their rooms, if they haven’t, they may be more likely to hand out freebies.

Be memorable

If you’re invested enough to play the long game, being a memorable guest on your first trip, could mean rewards on your second. Just remember to be memorable for the right reasons! You can do this during your stay, or by sending a letter of gratitude to the staff – it won’t go unnoticed.

Pick a new hotel

Newly opened hotels are eager impress and will more than likely not have built up the reputation to be fully booked. If they think you’re the kind of person who will spread the word about them, then you’re well worth giving a free upgrade to.

Have you ever been given a free hotel room upgrade? Do you have any top tips to share with On the Beach customers? Let us know in the comments!

Written on 20th November 2014 by

Emily Whitehouse

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