Food for thought

A recent survey has revealed more than a third of holidaymakers pack food when they head on holiday, with cutting costs being the top reason for doing so.

The basics such as bread and cereal topped the list of goods that are stashed in suitcases, closely followed by treats such as chocolate, crisps and our old favourite the teabag. Other items included quintessentially British biscuits, to of course accompany the tea and even tinned foods were smuggled abroad.

Most of us miss home comforts when abroad and it appears we are thinking with our stomachs when it comes to packing, using precious suitcase space for food. As many holidaymakers are still feeling the pinch, itโ€™s understandable to try and cut costs, but local supermarkets in many of our favourite holiday hot spots also offer low cost goods and you wonโ€™t have to waste time and space, squeezing shopping into suitcases. However, it must be said nothing beats a good brew, so packing your usual teabags is always a smart move.

Written on 23rd August 2013 by

Holly Shackleton

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