Five fast facts about the rides at Ferrari Land

With Ferrari Land well and truly open, we’ve collected a trunk full of fast facts about Europe’s hottest new attraction.

You will find the fastest vertical accelerator in Europe

Fasten your seatbelts; you’re in for a super-fast ride. Aptly named Red Force, Europe’s fastest vertical accelerator flings its riders at unprecedented speed at Ferrari World which is due to open its tracks on April 7th.  But how fast is that? The ride catapults from zero-to-112mph in just 5 seconds… that’s as fast as a LaFerrari road car – one the fastest cars in the world.  In the real world, these elite cars cost a bomb – around $3m a pop – so climbing aboard the Red Force is the next best thing when aiming to experience such acceleration.

Ferrari Land

Enjoy a dose of healthy competition on a 570m race track

Red Force is also the tallest roller-coaster in Europe

One ride; two records. Not only is the Red Force extremely fast, it also lifts its riders to an impressive 112m into the sky. That’s taller than our good ol’ Big Ben back home. We imagine there will be spectacular views over the whole of PortAventura World from that impressive vantage point, although with a G-force of 1.3, that might not be the first thing that gets your attention. What a way to get a taste for how Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel feels every time he races!

It can handle not one, not two, but 1,200 people an hour

Although this is such an unparalleled ride in Europe, with a capacity of 1,200 seats on the ride, your chances of getting a turn are actually pretty high. Given the park is open from 10am until midnight during the summer months, nearly 17,000 people will get a go on the ride. Every. Single. Day.  That’s the same as over 200 fully-seated flights to Barcelona!

Red Force at Ferrari Land

Experience the full range of F1 sensations on Red Force with a 880-metre route

The track is 880 metres long

Still harping on about the Red Force ride? Yep… and for good reason. The ride transports riders along a track that is around 880 metres long. That’s pretty long, right? In fact, that’s longer than 7 Wembley football pitches put together.  Imagine running that far in just over 1 minute, or experience the real thing. Book your tickets here.

It has 8 amazing racing simulators

This is where your racing dreams really do come true. Designed by Ferrari’s professional test driver Marc Gené, you can experience the same simulators that the real life F1™ drivers use today. Stand aside, Lewis Hamilton, we want a piece of the action.

Red Force at Ferrari Land

Red Force reaches a height of 112 metres


For more information about Ferrari Land, PortAventura World and all of your accommodation options, see here.

On your marks, get set, go!

Written on 29th March 2017 by

Kiran Flynn

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