Fancy a mid-flight flirt?

Although they’re a necessary hurdle between you and your holiday, flights can be pretty boring, especially if you’re going somewhere further afield. So what do you do to entertain yourself? Listen to music? Read a book? Flirt with the cabin crew..?

According to a recent survey, flirting with the airline staff isn’t as rare an occurrence as you’d think across Europe. Surprisingly only 14% of Brits who have been on a plane in the past two years attempted to flirt with a member of the cabin crew, in comparison to 36% of Spaniards and 22% of Germans who admitted to taking part in a bit of mid-flight flirtation.

Despite this, research shows that this is mostly in vain as only 6% of flirtation leads to an exchange of numbers.

Those who had admitted to flirting with flight attendants were also asked how the cabin crew member had responded at the time, with 37% of them stating the person had flirted back, while 23% admitted they’d looked a bit taken aback and 11% said the flight attendant had tried to avoid them for the remainder of the flight.

The research was conducted to find out how people keep themselves occupied on flights. Take a look at some of the more typical boredom-fighting activities in the top 5:

  1. Listen to music – 73%
  2. Talk to fellow passengers – 68%
  3. Watch in-flight movies – 56%
  4. Sleep – 49%
  5. Read a magazine / book – 35%
  6. Flirting with cabin crew – 14%

How do you keep yourself occupied on flights? Let us know in the comments…

Written on 23rd December 2014 by

Emily Whitehouse

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