Dubai Tourism Tax

The Dubai Government has introduced a tourism tax on all overnight stays which is payable at the hotel. Don’t panic! We’ve got everything you need to be clued up on the Dubai tourism tax.

What is the Tourism Dirham Fee?

Dubai has ever become an increasingly popular spot on our holiday lists. Holidaymakers from all over the world see this enriching city as the perfect destination for some summer sun or as a winter-sun break. 

Because the UAE is becoming a popular destination, the Dubai Government introduced a tourism tax, known as the ‘Tourism Dirham Fee’.  This tax was brought in during March 2014 to help tourism to develop the Emirate and improve the country’s tourism industry.

The tax will apply to both locals and foreigners who choose to stay in tourist accommodation, such as hotels, holiday homes and guest houses.

Will it apply to me?

Everyone staying in tourist accommodation for a maximum of 30 consecutive nights will have to pay the Tourism Dirham Fee. It is paid directly to the hotel in the form of a ‘hospitality fee’.

The tax will be charged per room per night of occupancy, not per guest or per number of guests staying in a room. 

The amount of tax you’ll need to pay will depend upon the category of the accommodation you are staying in and the number of rooms booked. Example charges are below. The Tourism Dirham only applies to the Dubai Emirate – not the other Emirates, etc. Abu Dhabi.

5-star hotels: AED 20 per day

4-star hotels: AED 15 per day

2 to 3-star hotels: AED 10 per day

1-star hotels: 7 AED per day


7 day family holiday

3* Ibis Mall of the Emirates in Dubai

= approx. AED 70

How will the revenue generated be spent?

The funds will be used to help pay for Dubai’s Expo 2020 projects, international promotion and marketing of the Emirate and the promotion of tourism – allowing more for visitors to the Emirate.

Where can I get further information?

You’ll be able to find out more about the Tourism Dirham Fee on the website.


Written on 26th October 2018 by

Nadene Chandler

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