Euro on a High

Planning a holiday? 

– Now is the time to cash in on the Euro, as the exchange rate has hit a 3 year high!

This is wonderful news for Brits heading to the Eurozone this year.  With such a good rate on offer at present, we recommend you get banking your Euro stash in preparation for your holiday.

Think of it this way – you will receive approximately 10 more pounds worth of Euros per £100 exchanged.  So if you exchange £500, you will receive an additional £50 worth of Euros, compared with recent rates.  This means you will effectively have 10% more spending money!

Get comparing the best holiday deals online and see how much you can save today.  This combined with our incredible value holidays means you are in a win-win situation.

We think this is cracking news for our customers this Summer, and we want to shout it from the rooftops. 

During times where we are carefully budgeting everything within an inch of our lives, whilst watching every penny we spend means this is like a gift from the heavens! 

We’ll drink to that.

Drums please….queue Will Smith!

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Written on 10th May 2012 by

Jen Skehan

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