Dressing on holiday – the results

Packing for your beach holiday is an exciting time – especially if you’ve bought a brand new wardrobe that you can’t wait to show off. But do you ever consider what your partner thinks about the contents of your suitcase? We recently conducted some research and found that 99% of British women do not want to see their partner wearing a pair of Speedos during their summer holiday. 

The survey, which asked 1,000 holidaymakers, also found that 51% of women would prefer their men to wear swim shorts instead, with 19% opting for more fitted swimming trunks. 

Beach fashion through the years 

The bikini came out on top for both women and men with 51% of women and 38% of men naming it as their preferred option for a woman on the beach. However, 27% of women now opt for a one-piece during their break with only 13% of men choosing this option. 

The survey also found that more than one in ten would choose a tankini, whilst 5% prefer to cover up with a kaftan. 

Dressing on holiday

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Written on 5th July 2018 by

Joshua Carry-James

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