How to double your annual leave in 2021

No matter how much annual leave you get, it’s just never enough, is it? If you’re like us, you’ll always have too much year left at the end of your holiday allowance. We’ve got a secret though. We know how to effectively double your annual leave in 2021. Sound good? Read on to find out how to turn your time off into a lovely long break, either at home or away…

Get 10 days off using just five days of annual leave over Easter

You’ve heard of BOGOF deals, but how about book five days off get five free? Ok, so BOGFF might not be quite as catchy, but you’ll definitely appreciate those extra days when you’re enjoying your time off over the Easter holidays. By timing your holiday request so you’re off from 6th–9th April, you can bag a brilliant 10-day getaway.

How it works

Use the Easter bank holidays in April to boost your days off. Good Friday falls on 2nd April this year, and Easter Monday is on 5th April. Combined with the following weekend, you get six free days when you book just five days off from 2nd April.

Total time off: 10 days
Annual leave used: Five days
Dates to book off: 6th-9th April

Get the whole month off using 19 days of annual leave in May

We love May; spring has sprung, and there are two blissful bank holidays to look forward to. It would be rude not to use them to maximise your 2021 holidays. Take annual leave from 4th-28th May and you’ll score an amazing 31-day break using only 19 – that’s the whole of May with your out-of-office on!

How it works

Monday 3rd and Monday 31st May are both bank holidays, so booking off the time in between means you get 12 free days including your Saturdays and Sundays. You might just need to check with your employer that you can have such a long stretch of time away from work at once!

Total time off: 31 days (!)
Annual leave used: 19 days
Dates to book off: 4th-7th, 10th-14th, 17th-21st and 24th-28th May

Get nine days off using just four days of annual leave in summer

Time off for summer getaways is precious, so take advantage of that late-August bank holiday and get yourself to the beach. Swap the daily grind for a grand adventure and you can turn four days’ annual leave into a much-deserved nine.

How it works

The bank holiday at the end of August means you only have to book off the Tuesday to Friday, and you’ll have a break from work that includes two weekends and a bonus bank holiday.

Total time off: Nine days
Annual leave used: Four days
Dates to book off: 31st August-3rd September

Get nine days off using just three days of annual leave over Christmas

Ah, December. ‘Tis the season for many things; being in work is not one of them. By saving just three days of annual leave for the festive period, you can gift yourself nine days off. Can Santa do that? No!

How it works

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day are all bank holidays. Christmas Day and Boxing Day both fall on a weekend this year, so you get two days in lieu, meaning you only have to book 29th-31st December to get from Christmas day until 4th January off (including weekends).

Total time off: Nine days
Annual leave used: Three days
Dates to book off: 29th-31st December

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Jennifer Keery

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