Brits waste annual leave

As 2014 draws to an end, the mad panic of the holiday season ensues. But, according to a recent report, it’s not just last-minute Christmas shopping causing year-end stress. For a lot of Brits, December also means hurriedly trying to use the remainder of their holiday entitlement.

On average, employees use only 77% of their well-earned annual leave, meaning they are wasting more than six days away from work each year. 17% of people asked, said they are too busy at work to take time off and a further 16% said that their employer makes it difficult for them to take their full entitlement.

Even when they do get away from the office, Brits still find it difficult to fully switch off and many are still likely to work from home. The most common reason for this is fear of falling behind, closely followed by working towards a pay rise and feeling that no one else can do their job.

Britain’s workforce wastes 60 million annual leave days a year, totalling an average cost of £5.37 billion!

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