British Holidaymakers fail to protect their skin on holiday

On the Beach reveals which regions across the UK take greatest care of  their skin

A survey conducted by On the Beach; the UK’s leading online travel agent reveals an astounding 13% of Brits are regularly use tanning oils with SPF factors of 10 or less whilst holidaying in resorts such as Turkey, Egypt and Cyprus, all of which reach blistering temperatures in the summer months.

The oil is regularly used instead of the 30 SPF sunscreen recommended by sun care experts from The British Skin Foundation; the product provides minimal protection for the skin in exchange for a quicker tan as Brits take desperate measures to achieve the look of sun kissed skin.

The results of this survey also found that a shocking 44% of British holidaymakers apply sun cream with a SPF factor of 15 or less; under half the recommended SPF Brits should be using whilst soaking in the sun across many of Europe’s hottest destinations.

Recent reports showed that a massive 92% of Brits have experienced sunburn whilst on holiday and this new survey from On the Beach suggests that holidaymakers are continuing to use the incorrect product when in resort.

With only one in four Brits using sun cream with a SPF of 30, it is no surprise that sunburn is often a common occurrence when visiting countries blessed with better weather.

The lack in sun care across the UK is further highlighted with results showing a worrying 2% of British holidaymakers choosing not to apply any sun protection before spending the day baking on the beach.

Unfortunately, the trend continues with a massive 27% of Brits abroad stating they will only apply sun block once or twice during the day and a further 7% of holidaymakers will only think to re-apply cream after they have been in the water. Sun care experts recommend re-applying sunscreen at least every two hours.

Although the survey shows many British holidaymakers are quick to disregard much of the industry’s expert advice; thankfully, the majority of parents are sure to protect their kids in the sun with 54% of Brits using at least the recommended SPF factor 50 on their child’s delicate skin.

Looking across the country, 27% of holidaymakers from Wales say they are willing to sacrifice their skin for a darker tan by replacing sun cream with tanning oils that have SPF factors of as little as two.

People from Liverpool are also using sun cream with very low protection; favouring SPF 8.

Those from the neighbouring city of Manchester are slightly more considerate of their skin when choosing sun cream; however, the most common sunscreen used by the Mancunians’ still only offers a low level of sun protection with a SPF of 20.

Although the South experience the finest weather in the UK, the slightly more common occurrence of sunshine appears to have minimal effect when it comes to sun protection abroad as those in the southern cities of London, Brighton and Bristol all opt to use sunscreen with a mere 15 SPF.

While a top tan is essential on a night out in Newcastle; when abroad, Geordies choose to play safe and opt to keep it fake with more than half preferring to slap on sun block with the recommended SPF factor 30.

Alistair Daly, Marketing Director at On the Beach also comments; “It’s been a tough few years for all of us and Brits deserve a great holiday but it’s very important that we protect ourselves when exposed to the sun’s strong rays. While parents do appear to look after their children’s skin whilst abroad, they do leave themselves open to sunburn, so should always apply the correct product.”

Bevis Man a spokesperson from The British Skin Foundation comments, “When abroad, we advise holidaymakers to be extra vigilant with sunscreen, as people are more likely to be out in the sun, swimming and drying off, all of which remove sunscreen from the skin, even those that are water resistant. Adults should be applying a sunscreen of SPF30 or higher, whilst children and those with pale skin should be using an SPF50.”

Average SPF usage around Britain

City Sunscreen factor
Cardiff 8 SPF
Liverpool 8 SPF
Birmingham 15 SPF
London 15 SPF
Bristol 15 SPF
Brighton 15 SPF
Belfast 15 SPF
Manchester 20 SPF
Edinburgh 20 SPF
Nottingham 25 SPF
Newcastle 30 SPF
Norwich 30 SPF
Glasgow 30 SPF


Written on 17th July 2012 by

On the Beach

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