Best beaches in Greece

Famous for having more beaches than you can shake a stick at, Greece is a beachy paradise of long sandy stretches, secluded pebble coves and sweeping crescent bays. Whether you feel like lazing the days away on a lounger while sipping your favourite cocktail or throwing down a towel on the hot sands of an unspoilt beach, there’s definitely a stretch of beach with your name on it in Greece.

We’ve rounded up our favourite beaches from across Greece, from the vast expanse of sands at Miti Beach to the uniquely coloured sands across the islands. So – in no particular order – here are six of our favourite must-visit beaches in Greece.

Perissa Beach

When you think of Santorini, you conjure up images of crystal-clear waters, whitewashed buildings and those infamous blue domes. So, it’s a bit strange to think that one of Santorini’s best beaches is a black-sand, volcanic beach with deep blue waters. Perfect for the whole family, this beach has plenty of loungers, parasols and seaside tavernas to grab a spot of lunch!

Navagio Beach

Found in Zante and also known as Shipwreck Bay, this one-of-a-kind beach is nestled in a small cove, surrounded by sheer cliffs and accessed only by boat. Think white sands, turquoise waters… and a giant shipwreck in the middle. There might not be any facilities here – but what it lacks in loungers – it more than makes up for in atmosphere.

Balos Beach

This large strip of sand connects a small island just off the coast of Crete, creating a gorgeous natural lagoon along the peninsula. The shallow, warm waters have an emerald hue and the sands are almost porcelain white. There’s only one taverna here, so make sure you take a picnic because, with views like this, you’ll be here a while.

Super Paradise Beach

Found on the super-chic and stylish island of Mykonos, Super Paradise Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island. With a buzzing atmosphere and plenty of loungers, this beach is ideal for those looking for a lively day at the beach. Plus, the music gets turned up around mid-afternoon so expect a party atmosphere to take you from day to evening.

Miti Beach

Possidi Cape, or Miti, Beach is a vast stretch of unspoilt beach almost fully surrounded by the bright-blue waters of Halkidiki. Extending from the south-west point of the island, this picture-perfect beach is ever-shifting with the current and offers some of the best views in Greece.

Elafonissi Beach

Possibly the most Instagrammable beach in the whole of Greece, Elafonissi Beach connects the mainland of Crete to a small nature reserve island, creating a stunning lagoon with unique rock formations and beautiful pink sand. Yep, you guessed it! Pink sand.

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Written on 4th April 2019 by

Charlotte Havercroft

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