Best beach tech for 2019

As modelled by Gemma Collins, The Techini was our April Fool’s joke for this year. Sadly, you won’t be able to get your hands on our solar-powered swimsuit anytime soon, but your brilliant responses really got us thinking. We love sun, sea and sand but we know beaches can be tough on your gadgets and gizmos – so we’ve done our homework on the best beach tech for 2019.

Wireless speakers

Although the chances of finding a ‘Boob box’ of your own are pretty slim, there are plenty of options for playing the soundtrack to your summer on the sands. Keep an eye out for waterproof speakers, pocket-sized radios and stylish sound bars. You can even get speakers that float! Whatever your budget, the beat doesn’t have to stop when you hit the beach.

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Waterproof camera

Are you a watersports lover? Or just a bit clumsy when you’re near the water? You never need to worry about losing all your holiday pics to the big blue again. While there is seemingly no ceiling on cost when it comes to pool-proof photography, you can still bag a bargain if you’re more bothered about the memories than the specs. From top-of-the-range cameras for scuba divers to splashproof point-and-shooters, there is a model out there to suit your style.

Waterproof phone pouch

What do we want? Beach selfies! When do we want them? As soon as we’ve dried off, adjusted the brightness settings and shaken the sand off the lens… If you don’t fancy the price tag on a waterproof camera, then a waterproof phone pouch could be the way to go. Try the tissue test first to make sure your pouch is on point: seal a tissue inside and give it a good dunk. If the tissue is dry when you take it out, then your smart phone is safe. If it’s wet, there’s probably a leak.

Portable USB charger

Lazy beach days are the best. No one has time to traipse back to the hotel room every time your phone, camera or speakers are running low on battery. So time to shine, portable charger. We recommend getting a multi-port USB charger so you can keep all of your tech powered up and ready to go. No matter whether you’re rocking an Android or an Apple, many of these devices are available for pocket-friendly prices. Keep an eye on how much they weigh – the lighter the better when it comes to what to take to the beach.

Smart sunglasses

No list of the best beach tech for 2019 could miss these out. It doesn’t matter if you need prescription sunnies or you just want to look and keep cool, sunglasses are a holiday must-have. Why not go full James Bond and opt for something really futuristic? You can get eyewear with everything from light-sensitive changeable lenses to built-in cameras for when you want to show the world the view from your sun lounger.

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Jennifer Keery

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