Benidorm through the years

It’s hard to believe that the lively Spanish resort of Benidorm was once a sleepy fishing village. Throughout the 1960s, the resort saw a massive boom in tourism which paved the way for the famous Benidorm skyline we all know and love today. Our friends at the Benidorm Tourist Board have gone back in time and provided us with these incredible images showing the development of Benidorm through the years… 

Benidorm through the years

Benidorm in 1960, before the recognisable skyline we’re used to today 

During the 1960s, baring your skin in public wasn’t allowed in Spain. Mayor Pedro Zaragoza of Benidorm had other ideas, however. He convinced General Franco, the Prime Minister of Spain at the time, to give him permission to allow sunbathers to enjoy the sunshine on the beautiful beaches that Benidorm has to offer. The rest is history.

Benidorm through the years

By the 1960s, tourist in Benidorm has started to grow

After the opening of Alicante airport in 1967 and the rise of the package holiday, the number of visitors to Benidorm began to increase rapidly and construction began on building hotels to accommodate holidaymakers. In 1977, the resort welcomed 12 million visitors.  

Benidorm through the years

In the late 1970s, Benidorm was attracting up to 12 million visitors a year

Now, Benidorm is a popular as ever and over the past 10 years we’ve welcomed it into our living rooms through ITV’s hit show Benidorm. The famous skyline continues to grow and the resort is extremely popular with families, boasting 5 theme parks including Terra Mitica. The great year-round weather also attracts a large majority of the retired population and you’re always likely to bump into some British expats while on holiday.  

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