Beach bag check list

A day at the beach is just what everyone needs to relax and soak up the sun in a blissful setting. So what do you need to pack to make sure you’re fully prepared for the day’s activities? Take a look at our beach bag check list…

Money – Most beaches will provide sunbeds on a hire-only basis, you therefore need to make sure you have money for these, and also for any water-sports you may wish to do during the day.

Towel – Although these are sometimes provided for you around the pool, nearly all beaches will expect you to bring your own.

A good book – Sunbathing all day may be fine for some, but it can get a little boring so make sure you have a good holiday read with you to keep you occupied.

Ipod – Not a reader? Then bring an mp3 player with your favourite summer playlist.

Bat and Ball – Not just for the kids, playing bat and ball is good fun (and exercise) on both the sand and in the sea.

Sun cream – Do not forget this! It’s really important to stay safe in the sun, so make sure you have enough to last the family for the whole day.

Sunglasses – Super important for protecting your eyes (and looking cool).

Food and Drink – Although there will undoubtedly be beachside bars and restaurants, to keep costs down why not bring your own lunch? Always remember to have a bottle of water with you at all times also, to ensure you’re fully hydrated throughout the day.

Have you got all that? Then you’re good to go! Enjoy your time at the beach on your next On the Beach holiday!

Written on 15th February 2014 by

Emily Whitehouse

Marketeer and blogger for On the Beach. Lover of all things beachy.

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