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Swimming is such a huge part of beach holidays; whether it’s taking a dip in your hotel pool or cooling off in the sea. With millions of holidaymakers spending their summer overseas or by the UK coastline every year, ABTA are reminding holidaymakers to follow guidelines and swim safely.

Partnering with the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS UK), the drowning prevention charity, the campaign is designed to raise awareness of safety guidelines and warn families to be especially careful this summer, as temperatures are set to reach record heights.

Sadly, since the summer began, there has already been a number of drowning related deaths across Europe; 115 in France alone. Last year, according to ABTA, there were 16 fatal drownings of UK holidaymakers when abroad.

ABTA and the RLSS UK are urging people to keep the following things in mind on their next holiday…

Don’t rely on lifeguards

Lifeguards are there prevent potentially dangerous situations and to help in case of an emergency; they are not there to supervise children. Parents are reminded to keep a close eye on their children at all times and never leave them unsupervised around a pool or in the sea. Make sure you’re familiar with the pool or beach rules and know where the deep and shallow ends are.

Check safety information

Especially important when you’re on the beach, making sure you are aware of any zoned areas for boats or jet skis before you swim could prevent an emergency. On holiday, where people typically swim in unfamiliar water, it’s important to be wary of potentially dangerous and unpredictable currents. Just because the sea looks calm does not mean that it is safe. Always check which areas should be avoided when going for a swim.

Know your ability

According to ABTA, one in five people know someone who has got into difficulty whilst swimming on holiday. Accidents can happen when people overestimate their swimming capabilities or fitness. Swimming in open water can be a lot more challenging than doing so in a pool, no matter how strong of a swimmer you are, so never go further out than you can handle.

ABTA works closely with its Members providing information for holidaymakers on how to stay safe in the water, for more details and to download posters, videos and leaflets visit: www.abta.com/swimsafe

The Royal Lifesaving Society UK offers advice and information on its website, as well as information on its lifesaving awards for all ages: www.rlss.org.uk


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