7 types of people you see at the beach

Whether you’re topping up your tan in Tenerife or bronzing your body in the Balearics, the beach is always a prime place to people watch. Keep an eye out for these classic characters as we count down the 7 types of people you’ll see at the beach…

1) The water baby 

This person LOVES watersports. Whether it’s jet-skiing, paragliding or even a banana boat – they’re always first in line (and usually the best at it). 

2) The architect

Building sandcastles is a skill you’re either born with or without – and unsurprisingly, those born with the talent are usually found at the beach. 

7 people you see at the beach
3) The snoozer 

The beach is great isn’t it? You can take in the beautiful views or… take a nap? Who are we to judge?! 

7 people you see at the beach
4) The regular 

This is your third time at the beach and you’ve seen the same person, in the exact same place each time. Do they even have a home to go to?! 

7 people you see at the beach
5) The reader 

This person loves nothing more than losing themselves in a good read. Once they’ve finished, expect the full run down and the ins and outs of the story.       

7 people you see at the beach 
6) The social media addict 

From #hotdoglegs to Boomerang, social media trends come and go but one thing stays the same – no background compares to the beach…

7 people you see at the beach
7) The drinker… 

Are you even at the beach if you don’t have a cocktail in your hand? This person doesn’t think so. It’s always 5pm somewhere, right?! 

7 people you see at the beach


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Written on 29th January 2018 by

Joshua Carry-James

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