5 World Book Day characters from around the world

World Book Day is just around the corner and we know how much the little ones love a good excuse to get the fancy dress box out. So this year we’ve decided to put together some sun fancy dress ideas, that celebrate the weird and wonderful book characters from across the globe. We might not be able to travel right now, but these international book sensations are a great way to bring the adventure to you! 

Paddington Bear

The fuzzy friend that we all know and love, Paddington Bear is no stranger to the world of travel. He came here all the way from the sunny shores of his hometown in Peru! Armed with nothing but his trusty brown suitcase and iconic red hat that was handed down to him by his uncle, Paddington took on the long journey to London where he met the lovely Mr and Mrs Brown. The browns took Paddington in and gave him the smart blue-button coat that now keeps him nice and cosy on his travels. Just like us, Paddington loves exploring. One of his prize possessions is his scrapbook, which he fills full of scribbles and pictures about his adventures. Paddington has also been known to complete his outfit with a pair of shiny yellow wellington boots. So if you’re thinking of dressing up like our well-loved fuzzy friend, then the checklist for your outfit is simple: red hat, woolly blue coat, shiny yellow wellies and a brown suitcase.

P.S Paddington is also famous for his love of marmalade and he sometimes keeps an emergency marmalade sandwich in his hat. So we think that’s also a great excuse to eat marmalade sandwiches all day too!

Where’s Wally

Someone who’s also a keen globe trotter is our friend Where’s Wally; who is a proud member of the World Wide Wanderer Society. Dressed in his distinctive stripy red and white T-shirt, knitted bobble hat, glasses and bright blue jeans with his walking stick in hand, Wally sets off on a world-wide hike that takes him to all sorts of crazy places. From the beach to the zoo and the ski slopes to the carnival, Wally loves to get out and see the local sights on his travels. Each of Wally’s outings is accompanied by a postcard, telling us all about his travels and describing the scene in a little more detail. Then it’s our turn to try and spot him in and amongst the crowds.

Fancy taking on your own adventure this world book day? Then get your striped T-shirt and glasses at the ready! You could even write out your own postcards from your adventurous tales too.

Pirates from Treasure Island

Shout shiver me timbers and hunt for the buried treasure! Dressing up as a pirate for the day from the Treasure Island novel is sure to be an adventure. The story follows the ship of a group of sneaky pirates seeking out the hidden treasure chest. They sail across vast stormy oceans with a few twists and turns along the way.

To get in the true pirate spirit you’ve got to have a sword. So get creative with cardboard and cut out and colour in your very own; then maybe even challenge your family to a sword fight. To perfect your pirate look, go for a black hat with a skull and crossbones, or a bandana and an eye patch. Pair with a white shirt, baggy trousers and leather boots – you’ll be pirate ready in no time. Every true pirate also has a parrot pal on their shoulder to keep them company while they are out at sea and if you want to get in the true pirate spirit then get practising your “Ahoy, Me Hearties”!

Tin Tin

Ever the adventurer, Tin-Tin’s tales take him around the world from America to Tibet and even to the moon. Tin Tin is an investigative reporter who’s top-notch at solving crimes, but he gets into some tricky situations along his way; luckily he has his dog Snowy to keep him company! So if you love big adventures and figuring things out – then this could be the perfect character for you.

To take on Tin Tin for the day you’ll need a collared white shirt with a knitted blue jumper to throw over the top (remember to pull the collar over the shirt for the true Tin Tin look). As well as a pair of brown suit trousers, tucked into a pair of white pulled-up high socks. Complete the look with brown leather shoes and style your hair in the spikey Tin-Tin look with some hair gel. If you really want to go all out, get yourself a white fluffy buddy like Snowy to follow you along on your adventures.

Betsey Biggalow

Set in the tropical shores of the Caribbean, the Betsey Biggalow books explore her fun, exciting stories in the sunshine. Whether she’s out on the detective hunt for her lost teddy bear, trying her hand at some spectacular magician tricks or enjoying her big birthday surprise – Betsey Biggalow’s wild adventures take her to the beaches and beyond!

If you fancy taking on some exciting beachy expeditions just like Betsey, then bright colours are your best friend! She loves her vibrant yellow T-shirts, shiny trainers and always wears her hair in a plait with a big bouncy bow. To top the outfit off, you could find a dog just like Betsy’s dog Prince to keep you company.

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Written on 26th February 2021 by

Holly Gregg

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