5 ways to holiday on a budget

What’s better than a holiday? A cheap one! If you’re a super sun-seeker but not looking to splash the cash, we’ve got you. From booking to banking, check out our top 5 ways to holiday on a budget.

1) Sale, sale, sale!

It may be an obvious one, but keep track of the periods in the year that most airlines and holiday companies have sales, because it’s a brilliant time to book! A discounted flight, hotel, or both, is a massive help and will save you money from the start.

2) Shop around for your currency

Do your research into what your best way to pay is. Whether you want to order some cash or put your money on a travel card, make sure to have a thorough shop around for the best exchange rate you can get. If you’re one who usually waits until you’re at the airport to change your travel money, try to avoid it as you could be losing quite a bit of dosh due to poor exchange rates.

3) Go All Inclusive

Yes, an All Inclusive stay is going to cost a little more up front, but you’ll need less money when you’re there. Take a look at the prices of All Inclusive stays and weigh up whether it’s worth it. If you’re a big eater and drinker, the likeliness is that it’s right for you. If you tend to have smaller or fewer meals and stick to water, you might just want to give it a good think over.

4) Or go Self Catering

All Inclusive isn’t for everyone, especially those who love to explore the surrounding areas throughout the day and night. If this applies to you, find a supermarket where you can buy bits of food and drink throughout the week. One good idea is to cook breakfast, then pack sandwiches and drinks in a cool box for a day at the beach. That leaves you with the evenings to try out the traditional cuisine at nearby restaurants.

Top tip: Dine with the locals – find the hidden gems that aren’t necessarily popular with tourists. It’s usually cheaper, more authentic and they’d love to have you!

5) Be a smart tourist

No, you don’t need to read a million books about tourism. What we mean is, don’t fall into the tourist trap of paying way more than you should for things. Before you go, do some searching for fun and free activities to do when you’re there. One of these things include being your own tour guide! You don’t need to pay to be shown around the the city, grab a map and jump on the local bus (instead of forking out for a taxi) – you’ll have a great time exploring and discovering the area just you and your crew.

Ready for some sun without the big spend? Check out our budget breaks!

Written on 11th March 2019 by

Catherine Tansey


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