5 hiking holidays with out-of-this-world views

For many, the twists and turns of 2020 have driven us to explore the outdoors more than ever before. From all-day hiking up to mountainous heights to weekends spent strolling countryside sights – the outdoors has provided us with some welcomed headspace, that we’re all in need of right now.

Scientifically proven as a natural remedy for feelings of stress and anxiety, there’s no doubt that walking does wonders for our minds, bodies and spirits. Whether you walk to witness stunning seascapes, clear the cobwebs from your mind or for that well-deserved beer at the end; it’s easy to see why many people love a good hike!

So if you’ve been dreaming of getting out there, maybe it’s time to incorporate this amazing activity into your next beach break and walk your way to wonderland with a hiking holiday to remember. Enjoy ocean blues, natural views and blissful skies that almost guarantee you’ll stay dry. Here are our top 5 hiking holidays, with only the best out-of-this-world views…

Neopolitan Riviera, Italy

If breezy beach strolls and golden coastal glows are your idea of the perfect hiking holiday, then Italy’s got a surprise in store for you. We’re talking staggeringly stunning sunsets, lengthy seaside trails and winding routes around charming Italian villages… I know, sounds incredible right?

Work up an appetite with a walk along the famous Almafi Coast, which passes through the picturesque Sorrento village along the way. There are is choice of paths that follow the rugged coastal cliffs, so prepare for dramatic scenery. From scattered hills with terraced roofs to gently sloping vineyards and peaceful port town settings – you’re in for a hell of a ride. End your day the Italian way by tucking into a tasty feast of pizza, pasta and wine, after all, you deserve it!

Costa Brava, Spain

We know and love the special sun-soaked shores of this Mediterranean gem for its almighty beach break appeal. But Spain is also a huge hit in the hiking world for its heart-warming rolling hills, marvellous mountain ranges and glistening sea trails.

Head out on an exciting escapade of Catalonia’s diverse landscapes. Start at the Albera Natural Park, where you’ll be left lost for words amidst lush green hills, rushing waterfalls and thrilling views of the surrounding Pyrenees mountains.

From here you can trek towards the coast along various routes for all abilities, just watch on by as the scenery changes before your very eyes. Meander along evergreen olive groves and vast vineyards until you finally meet with the sandy coves and scenic bays of the rocky Mediterranean coastline.

Tenerife, Canaries

Home to Spain’s highest mountain, serious hikers will be in heaven in Tenerife; where you can take on a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this island from way up above. With vast views from high above the clouds, you’ll feel on top of the world as you look out over the rolling volcanic landscapes below. Whether you’re more of a leisurely stroller or an avid explorer, there’s a choice of longer and shorter routes which can be reached via cable car or with an organized walking tour to take you to the top.

However you choose to see it, there’s no denying that high-flying feeling you’ll experience from the top of this marvellous National Park. Look out over rusty volcanic lands, feast your eyes upon fascinating rock formations, and if you’re lucky on a clear day, you can even gaze out to the twinkling Atlantic Ocean below.


When it comes to outstanding natural beauty, Croatia is a country that’s hardly short of awe-inspiring sceneries and natural settings to knock your socks off. With over 8 National Parks and 11 nature parks, the landscapes of Croatia are quite truly magical. From coastal wonders like the unbelievably beautiful Učka region to the Plitvice Lakes National Park and its enchanting emerald waters, walking here is like a real-life daydream.

Crete, Greece

The Samaria Gorge in Crete is one of Europe’s most popular hiking trails, attracting tourists from across the globe to see this gorgeous gorge in all its glory. The 15km trail takes you from the high heights and wide-spanning views of pine-hugged rock faces to the depths of the gorge floor. On your descent, you’ll pass along the abandoned village of Samaria, Saint Nicholas’ Chapel and stunning rocky views.

Some points of the gorge squeeze into widths of just over 4m and shoot up almost 500m up into the sky. So as you can imagine, the views are pretty incredible. Feel like a true explorer as you find your way along the wooden paths, water streams and rocky routes of the twisting trails that make this protected natural place so unique.

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Holly Gregg

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