FREE family swimming sessions for On the Beach customers!


Holidays are all about fun in the sun with your family, loved ones and friends. What better way to have fun than in the sparkling hotel pool or the warm turquoise sea? Here at On the Beach, we want all of our customers’ holidays to be filled with laughs, smiles and happy memories.

So, we did our research to see how many of you spend your holiday time making a splash with your favourite people. With these results, we decided to do something to help those who just don’t feel confident enough to dive in and that’s when we came up with ‘#AllSwimclusive’.

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  • #AllSwimclusive

    Everyone should feel happy and confident around water. We want to encourage more families to spend their holidays safely splashing, floating and swimming, so we’ve teamed up with Better to help On the Beach customers on their way to perfect pool days.

    We’re giving away 500 FREE family swimming sessions (max 5 people per session) when you book a holiday with us and complete the sign-up form. Dive in quick - claim yours before they all go. Book your beach holiday with us and apply for your FREE swim session. Terms and conditions apply.

    #AllSwimclusive sessions will be available for all On the Beach customers who make a booking during the promotional period, and you will need a valid CMYB reference to register. 140 local pools are taking part, and each session is for groups of up to five participants. Once the 500 sessions have gone, that’s it – there’s no guarantee you’ll get a place, so make sure you fill in the form as soon as you book your beach break. It's as simple as that; click book and claim your FREE swim session!

    All Swimclusive

    Read about the #AllSwimclusive terms and conditions here.

    Swimming with Catherine Tyldesley

    To help families feel more comfortable in the water we’ve teamed up with Catherine Tyldesley, a celebrity actress and mum, who’s an advocate for improving swim confidence. As she puts it: “Swimming and teaching children how to have fun in water safely is something I am very passionate about.” Us too, Catherine!

    In the name of water confidence, we invited her and her four-year-old son, Alfie, to make a splash in the pool together. Catherine said: “Whatever reasons might be putting parents off getting in the water, On the Beach is tackling these to ensure that all of us...are given the tools to enable us to feel confident when swimming in the pool or sea this summer.” Fun in the water and water confidence go hand in hand, so book your holiday and claim your free family swim session now.

    Catherine Tyldesley

    #AllSwimclusive session plan

    Want to know what to expect with your complimentary swimming session? You can read up on the low down here…

    Number of participants: Five
    Length of session: 60 minutes
    Session aim: To develop water safety and confidence through a fun and engaging lesson environment

    #AllSwimclusive session itinerary

    Introduction and entry – 10 minutes
    You’ll be welcomed to the leisure centre or swimming pool and given the grand tour. Once you’re kitted out in your swim gear, there will be an assessment of each family member’s abilities, and you’ll be taught how to enter the water safely.

    Warm up – 10 minutes
    Using a ridiculously fun animal game, the teachers will encourage splashing and putting your face in the water to increase confidence - think clapping your hands together pretending to be a crocodile, or stomping and splashing like an elephant. Then you’ll play the bean game. Not heard of this one? Jump in the water and you’re a jumping bean; shout “Ooh la la” and stand like the Eiffel Tower – voila, you’re a French bean. The aim is to get your whole family feeling happy and confident in the water.

    AllSwimclusive lessons

    Main session – 25 minutes
    The teachers will give you pointers and techniques to help you and your family swim more safely. They'll focus on body position, streamlining, floating, leg kick, arm action and breathing. They’ll have you blowing bubbles and making a splash, all in the name of developing your swimming abilities.

    Warm down – 10 minutes
    Grab a pool noodle and you’re off! The teachers will split you into teams and have you racing across the water. Then you’ll take part in the sinker race; the first team to retrieve the underwater hoops wins! All games and activities throughout the session will be tailored to suit the ability of each group.

    Exit and feedback
    The teachers will provide fun family tips for water safety on holiday, they can also give advice on buying goggles, armbands or other pool essentials. This is your chance to ask any questions, too.

    The results are in...

    Holidays are all about swimming. Whether you’re a family of pool lovers or beach bums, there’s no denying that kids just love a day in the water. With swim reluctance on the rise and the time families spend in the pool or sea in decline, we decided to find out just what the British public think about jumping in the pool. Out of those surveyed, we found that 81% of parents can swim with 44% of those saying they are confident swimmers and 20% saying neither parent is a confident swimmer. The results revealed that, when on holiday, over two-thirds (68%) of mums and dads are reluctant to take a dip with their children and 22% of parents ensure they are always in the water when their child is swimming nearby. Our #AllSwimclusive campaign aims to boost water confidence and get families back in the pool.

    Feeling confident in the water

    Why are people reluctant to swim?

    With our research results, we found that there are multiple reasons why some of you feel reluctant to take a dip, with around 21% of you avoiding the water due to lack of swimming confidence. Out of the statistics, 8% of people don't like being in the water, 13% didn’t want to swim because of social anxiety and the biggest issue was low body confidence, coming in at 28%. No matter what the reason is, we’re here to try and help you overcome your swim shyness.

    Reluctance to swim

    Tech stops parents from making a splash

    At On the Beach we love tech, but it seems like tablet and phone screens are becoming a barrier to family time in the pool or the sea. Would you rather spend your holiday time scrolling than swimming? Or would you prefer your little ones to surf the internet rather than splash in the water? It’s time to step away from the screens and embrace the family fun of swimming together.

    Tech has negative effect on swimming

    Childhood memories

    Think back to family holidays when you were little. We bet you have loads of lovely memories of playing about in the pool or in the waves with your loved ones. And you aren’t alone. We did our research and the list of top 50 childhood memories is full of family fun in the sun. Whether it’s wearing armbands, spending all day in the pool, holiday waterslides or simply family time at the beach, feeling confident in and around the water can help you make lasting, happy memories.

    Childhood memories

    More swimspiration

    Have we tempted you to take the plunge? From the best hotel pools to fun-filled pool games and the best family beaches, read on to find your swimspiration!

    Top tips for a family swim

    Find a suitable pool
    Get recommendations from friends and family to see which sound the most suitable for you and your little ones. When you have a few ideas, do your research into the different swim sessions, prices, timetables and facilities to find the one for you. Better have over 140 pools nationwide. You can even use their handy pool locator to find a pool that's close to you.

    What to take with you
  • Swimwear, swimming hats, goggles, swimming nappies (if needed) and suitable footwear for the poolside. If you’re a mum with a baby, it’s a good tip to wear your costume under your clothing so you don’t need to get changed when you arrive.
  • Toys for babies and children to keep them busy whilst you are changing.
  • Take one towel per person for drying off at the end of your swimming session. If you have a little one, pack an extra towel and use it to wrap them in when they’re on the poolside to keep them warm.
  • Shower gel, shampoo, a hairbrush and any other toiletries you need.
  • Appropriate clothing for afterwards. Remember if it’s in the winter time, you’ll need extra warm clothing to keep toasty on the journey home.
  • Healthy snacks and drinks for after the swim, as taking a dip can make you hungry!
  • Loose change for the lockers and vending machines if you don’t bring food and drinks with you.
  • Swim-tastic summer getaways

    Make more happy memories with your loved ones on a splashtastic swim-filled holiday this summer. Need some inspiration on where to go? We've got some fantastic hotels in sizzling destinations where it'll be hard not to take a dip...

    Family holidays

    Family holidays are full of sunny days, laughter and smiles. With loads of fantastic activities, great family-friendly facilities and gorgeous destinations, we’re sure your perfect holiday is just a click away. Here’s a few of our favourite properties below;

    Beach holidays

    Nothing beats the feeling of stepping out of your hotel and feeling the warm sun on your skin and the fresh sea breeze on your face. Sink your toes into the sand with some of our favourite hotels just a stone’s throw from the beach.

    Waterpark holidays

    Picking a hotel with an on-site waterpark means endless fun for the little ones (and the not-so-little-ones). From huge theme parks with both land and water rides to smaller splash parks perfect for younger children, a waterpark holiday is great for the whole family. Take a look at some of our favourites below.

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