Mum’s top tips for flying with the tots

You’ve just sat back on your flight, ready to don your eye-mask and wake up in a warmer climate feeling fully refreshed – well hard luck… that kid two seats behind has chosen now for a temper tantrum. We’ve all had to endure screams and cries when we would much rather be sleeping through the already uncomfortable journey – but imagine what it’s like for the parents trying to stop it!

According to a recent survey, parents are too scared to take their children abroad, for fear of annoying the rest of the passengers. In fact, only 44% of mums and dads questioned said they were happy to take their children on a plane.

In light of these findings, we asked parents for their top tips for keeping kids quiet and happy during a flight…


“Always pack drinks, snacks and something to keep the boredom at bay like crayons, paper etc. If your child has never travelled by aeroplane packing Calpol is a good idea in case they get earache on the plane”

“An early night before you travel, and avoid sweets and fizzy drinks which causing hyper activity”.

“Wrap up different presents in a bag with lots of pockets so they open them when they get bored. Also book a night flight so they sleep!”

“Keep them awake all day and have them running around to tire them out before you travel, then they will sleep all the way on the plane. If not, hand out free earplugs to all upset passengers who complain your kids are being noisy”.

“I always pack their own pillows, helps them sleep better”.

“Short Flights – Any more than about 3 hours and kids become a nightmare!”

“If flying, leave any sense of shame at home! If they start crying, lose all inhibitions and start singing dancing to distract them. If they start shouting or being too noisy, start a miming competition. Only way to survive!”

“Create a quiz in advance for the journey-with a prize at the end. It keeps them amused the whole way!”

So follow these tips and don’t be afraid to take the kiddies away on your next On the Beach holiday!

Written on 7th March 2014 by

Emily Whitehouse

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