Food smuggling Brits!

We’ve all packed a few home comforts like teabags in our luggage; after all, you can’t go a week without a decent cuppa can you! According to a recent survey however, it was in fact baked beans which topped the list of produce most taken abroad from the UK. Check out the top 5…

  1. Baked beans (37%)
  2. Chocolate (35%)
  3. Bacon (32%)
  4. Sweets (24%)
  5. Condiments (20%)

More than 60% of Brits admitted to taking their favourite UK products on holiday, with 76% saying it’s because ‘equivalents abroad aren’t as good’. It seems that us Brits can’t live without good old British grub, even on holiday; but for a lot of people, leaving this behind is what travelling abroad is for.

It’s always nice to experience new cultures and a big part of that is trying new foods that you wouldn’t necessarily get in the UK. It’s especially nice for the kids to try different types of foods and broaden their taste palate from an early age.

So whether you’re a food smuggler or like to immerse yourself in the local culture, try booking your next holiday with On the Beach!


Written on 14th March 2014 by

Emily Whitehouse

Marketeer and blogger for On the Beach. Lover of all things beachy.

  • Jules

    When I was a kid, travelling abroad was like a military operation for my poor mum, who packed a whole cupboard-full of British foodstuffs into a suitcase including teabags, weetabix, instant mash! And we were only going to Spain…

  • william semmens

    Yes I’m afraid that I am a FOOD SMUGGLER, I take Tea Bags, a box for my use and a box for a Spanish Friends Wife, because she likes British Tea. I also take various types of Sweets and Chocolate mainly for our Grand children and for the Children that they be-friend, Mind have you seen the price for British Sweets Abroad.

  • Christine cox

    For me it has to be tea bags my twinings English breakfast as I have to start my day with it as for the rest of the day its all inclusive drinks lol for my hubby it’s his love of bovril he eats it any time of day lol

  • aNDY

    I am surpised, that most cannot stay without home food!!! Loking a subs, Mc’s, burgers… Forgot your home food abroad, take a new taste. but its up to you, just have a good holydays. 🙂